Saturday, November 5, 2016

Police struck by a stolen car: a minor referred to it tomorrow, Le Figaro

The teenager of 16 years suspected of driving the stolen vehicle who violently hit in the past, a police of Seine-et-Marne must be presented to a judge on Saturday, said AFP the prosecutor of Melun, which require his pretrial detention.

A second minor, also arrested yesterday, has been released today “because he is a stranger to the facts,” said the prosecutor of Melun, Beatrice Angelelli. “The passenger of the car is in the nature”, told AFP a police source. “An individual is still being sought,” said Ms. Angelelli.

Yesterday morning, near the train station of Saint-Pierre-lès-Nemours (Seine-et-Marne), the police of 53-year-old was found wedged between a wall and a car identified as stolen and tried to take flight, causing him multiple fractures. The officer was operated on this morning and “is doing better”, according to Ms. Angelelli. Given his injuries, 45 days of total interruption of work (ITT) have been prescribed on a provisional basis.

A judicial inquiry will be opened for “attempted voluntary homicide on the person agent of the public authority”, has indicated the prosecutor of Melun. The prosecutor intends to seek the detention of the driver alleged, who denies having deliberately crashed into the police, she added.


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