Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Rennes. Timeline of a night of violence for Halloween – West-France

” I thought that Halloween was a festival where we distributed the sweets ! No pavers on the firefighters and the police “ commented, a bit disillusioned, this police of rennes.

on Monday night, with his colleagues, he has played in spite of himself to an unpleasant game of cat and mouse. A succession of urban violence committed by gangs are very mobile.

Beauregard Villejean, Patton…

17: 30. First incident in the district of Beauregard with the fire of containers and rubbish bins. Then at 18: 20, rue de Bourbonnais, near the slab, Kennedy, Villejean, it is a bus of the Star, which is covered by projectiles and including a window is going to explode.

18: 45. this time, avenue des Monts d’arrée in the neighbourhood Patton – Bellangerais, it is another bus that wipes the firing of projectiles. Always in the same area, but at 20 mph, the two vehicles are set alight.

stripes are very mobile

At the same time, near the slab, Kennedy, Villejean, fire brigade intervene to the fires of containers. But they are set upon by fifty young people in balaclavas. The police go on site to protect the men of the fire.

” as Soon as the bands saw the police, they went to commit other crimes elsewhere “ specifies a public servant. Numbers, however, remain on the slab to prevent further crowding.

Containers on the road

21h54. these are new incidents reported to Saint-Jacques-de-la-Landes on the side of the rue André-Malraux. Shelters-bus were looted and lit fires. The police go on site. Groups of young people are monitored and asked to return home. Atmosphere tense.

a Few minutes later, avenue Roger Dodin in the direction of the airport, the containers are placed across the road then a bus to the Star arrives. The driver not wanting to take the risk of getting stuck, force the dam. The police are involved but, again, the authors have taken the powder cleared off.

New jets of projectile

22.30. New incident on the slab Kennedy. Fires, throwing projectiles. Return of the police. A vehicle of the brigade canine will be achieved by pavers. The back window and shatters the windshield is starred. New chase between the police and the bands are always very mobile.

23h25. Saint-Jacques-de-la-Lande, even fires. Firefighters and wipe the firing of projectiles various. The police come around to protect them.

0.25 continuing. To Beauregard. A third vehicle was set on fire.

250 calls to the police

Between 17 h and 6 o’clock in the morning, the call center of the police has received nearly 250 calls. No arrest has been made.


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