Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Calais : unaccompanied minors evacuated from this Wednesday, Le Figaro

After the dismantling of the “jungle” was completed on Monday, some 1,500 miners are going to join of the centres of reception and orientation (CAO), distributed throughout the country. For the moment, no passage in Great Britain is expected.

The migrants, unaccompanied minors, still living in Calais in a temporary accommodation centre (CAP) after the dismantling of the “jungle” will be evacuated to other centres on the French bus from this Wednesday, said Tuesday evening the camp director. The dismantling of the slum, was completed Monday, with the destruction of the last shelter, epilogue of an operation that has seen more than 6000 migrants to be distributed in centres of reception and orientation (CAO) across the country.

“The miners will be taken by bus in CAD for minors distributed on the French territory throughout the day,” says Stéphane Duval, director of the CAPE town. There will be “no departure by Great Britain for the moment,” he added. “The departures begin tomorrow (Wednesday, ED), and covering the period may be on for a few days”, has also indicated a source close to the operations. “We’re talking about nearly 1500 miners will depart for CAO for minors in which they will meet with the personnel of the Home Office, the ministry of the Interior uk”, said this source.

The negotiations between the governments of france and britain on the issue of unaccompanied minors have been strained. Last week, London had called in Paris to protect them, sparking the irritation of the French authorities. In the framework of the operation of dismantling of the “jungle” of Calais, “France has protected 1451 juveniles in the temporary accommodation centre in Calais, or in adapted centres” between 17 and 28 October, had asked the ministries of Interior and Housing in a joint press release to be released in the night from Thursday to Friday.

on Tuesday night, a brawl broke out between about a hundred migrant minors. At around 18 hours, “a brawl broke out on the southern part of the camp of the Moor of Calais between more than a hundred of minor migrants eritreans and afghans,” according to the prefecture of the Pas-de-Calais. “The police intervened immediately to separate these two groups,” said this source, adding that “the safety device has been strengthened in the CAP” and that it will be maintained “throughout the night”. The migrants are currently being returned within the temporary accommodation Centre, according to the prefecture.

These clashes took place near the church of the southern area of the “jungle”. This small church, as are two small mosques, have not yet been demolished “for allowing minors still present within the CAP to collect”, said the prefecture of the Pas-de-Calais.


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