Sunday, November 20, 2016

Storm : the north-west of France placed on alert orange – Le Figaro

WEATHER – That Sunday, that wind is strong on the western side of the country, and even in the land. But the bad time will also settle to the south where four departments were placed on alert. The full point.

Brittany and Normandy in the dark due to high winds -up to 160 km/h that swept through the region. Approximately 112.000 homes woke up without power Sunday morning in the north-west of the country. e.

Sunday morning, Enedis (ex-ERDF), which manages the electricity distribution network, has reported some 40,000 homes lost power in Normandy, 18.700 in Britain and about 16,500 in pays-de-la-Loire. In Normandy, the cuts mainly affect the Manche department. According to the prefecture, 15,000 to 18,000 homes are affected. In Calvados, they are 6.500. At 9 o’clock, there were no more than 33.000 households which are not supplied. Side breton, 2.100 homes are without electricity in Ille-et-Vilaine, 9.100 in the Morbihan, 2.300 in Côtes d’armor and 5.200 in the Finistère, a total of 18.700.

The high winds have caused fallen trees and ripped off roofs. The prefecture of Côtes d’armor reported injured three people: the driver in a serious condition and the passenger of a car that crashed into a tree trunk fell on the road and an agent of Enedis slightly wounded in the intervention that night. The firefighters have done a little over 600 interventions in the night in Britain, mainly in the Morbihan (277 interventions, of which 223 for falling trees).

This vast area of low pressure is established from Scandinavia to Spain via France, where it is maintained until next Thursday, is causing strong winds up in the middle of the afternoon on the Nord Pas-de-Calais and the Ardennes. But it is now the south of the Héxagone that is in alarm. An episode of ill-time intense long-lasting hold of the Languedoc to Auvergne-Rhône-Alps in Provence Côte d’azur until Thursday. Weather major are to be feared.

The weather network* placed Sunday noon 4 departments in orange alert for strong winds and rainfall:

The Loire, Haute-Loire, the Rhône and Ardèche..

This situation will result in four days of consecutive failed rainy on the Languedoc where we are expecting up to 500 mm of water, equivalent to 8 months of rainfall. It is expected auissi of high intensities of rain (up to 50 mm in 1 hour) as the thunderstorms stationary the most intense and sudden reaction of the water-courses descending from the Cevennes and the mediterranean hinterland, resulting in floods and flooding point.

winds tempestuous are expected in mountain areas (up to 130 km/h) as well as by the sea, in the valleys of the alps, the Dauphiné, the region of saint-etienne and Lyon (up to 100 km/h).

fear Is also a risk of flooding near the coast by big waves. The flow of the rivers descending from the mountains to the sea will be upset by the large waves from the open sea. The combination of these 2 phenomena will accentuate still further the risk of flooding in the coastal that will become high on Monday and Tuesday next.

Finally, an electrical activity moderate, with a risk of hail could occur.

* The weather network is a company of the Figaro group


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