Thursday, November 3, 2016

The british parliament must give its approval before the activation of the Brexit – The Figaro

VIDEO – The government intends to appeal to the supreme Court of the decision of the High Court, which could seriously delay the process of British exit from the european Union.

The High Court in London has ruled and its decision could have serious consequences on the continuation of the process of British exit from the european Union. Contrary to what he wanted, the british government shall obtain the agreement by a vote of the Parliament before the activation of the Brexit: “The Court does not accept the argument advanced by the government” which was not considered useful to this vote, have estimated the three judges of the High Court of England.

the team of the first minister, Theresa May, has already announced to appeal this decision to the supreme Court, the highest court of Great Britain. The latter will consider this remedy between 5 and 8 December next. “The government is disappointed by the judgment of the Court. The country voted to leave the european Union in a referendum approved by the Parliament and the government is committed to respect the outcome of the referendum. We will appeal,” said a spokesman for Downing Street said in a statement.

If this decision of justice was confirmed, it could significantly slow down the process that Theresa May intended to launch as early as march next, by invoking article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, which opens a period of two years of negotiations between London and Brussels on the terms of the divorce. The first minister did not need the vote of Parliament, but was willing to give parliamentarians a right of scrutiny on the process.

The head of the government, which should discuss on Friday by telephone with the president of the european Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, expressed concern that members of Parliament do not want to set themselves the timetable of the Brexit, and as well push, or block, the output project. It may be slowed down by months and months of obstacles parliamentarians… especially when you know that the majority of mps have campaigned to remain within the EU.

This concern was quickly relayed by the former leader of the parti europhobe Ukip, Nigel Farage (which ensures at this time the interim head of the party), the bard of Brexit: “I believe that the betrayal is at hand”, he said on Twitter, adding: “I fear now that any attempt to block or delay in the onset of the article 50. They have no idea of the anger the public they will cause.”

For his part, the leader of the Labour party, Jeremy Corbyn, who has campaigned against Brexit, has called in a press release the government put the folder on the table of the Parliament “without delay”: “The Labour party respects the decision of the people of the uk to leave the european Union. But it is necessary that there is transparency and accountability to Parliament on the terms of a Brexit.”

Hard to imagine that members of the parliament to block the decision of the british citizens, who have voted in favour of the Brexit almost 52%. Many investors believe that they could, however, force the government to make concessions and limit the economic impact of leaving the EU, removing the risk of a “hard Brexit”, marking the break with the single market of the european Union. The judgment of the High Court has also caused an appreciation of the pound sterling, which briefly passed the bar of 1.24 us dollar on the foreign exchange market, a level it had not reached for more than three weeks.

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