Thursday, November 10, 2016

The humanitarian centre for migrants in Paris, has opened its doors – The Point

Nearly 80 migrants were welcomed on Thursday at the humanitarian centre, which opened its doors in the morning in Paris, with the aim of putting an end to the incessant re-enactments of encampments unworthy in the capital.

at the initiative of the project, the mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo had asked as a condition of this opening, in order not to saturate immediately the new centre, the dismantling prior to the encampment of migrants near the metro Stalingrad, in the north-east of Paris, which became the largest slum in France after the evacuation of the “Jungle” of Calais.

in The course of a transaction record in the capital, more than 3,800 migrants who were living in hygienic conditions very degraded have been evacuated Friday of this camp, to be conducted in accommodation centres in the Ile-de-France. And the humanitarian centre was able to open Thursday morning.

“It’s here”, describes Thierno Diallo, a Guinean 31-year-old cap on the head, which patient inside. “I’ve heard about in the media, I arrived just now. I was at Créteil, for the past seven months, I was sleeping in the street. I hope to have an accommodation,” he said.

“Twenty-five people will be hosted this evening on the spot. It is in the volumes that we had expected”, told AFP Bruno Morel, ceo of Emmaus solidarity, the association that steers the center. “Many arrived led by maraudes. In the next few days it’s going to be the word-of-mouth.”

The migrants accommodated in the centre, with a capacity of 400 people, no need to stay there a few days before being repurposed in the regions to Centres for asylum seekers (Cada) for those whose application for asylum is pending, or to the reception Centre or orientation (CAO) for those who have not made application.

“starting next week, there will be departures from this site to the CAD province”, stressed Patrick Vieillescazes, head of the office of the prefect of the Île-de-France, who described the centre as “an sas respite and guidance”.

“Of accommodation places available each day,” he explained. According to him, about 3,800 people at the encampment of Stalingrad brought to the shelter on Friday, more than 850 have been directed to places of accommodation outside of the Ile-de-France.

Mr. Vieillescazes believes that this “fluidity” of Paris to the province will allow for the proper functioning of the centre.

- “Worthy” -

The structure is expected to accommodate between 50 and 80 people per day, the estimated number of daily arrivals of migrants in Paris.

The men isolated can be hosted on the site and the unaccompanied minors will be transferred to the structures of the city of Paris. Women and families will be accompanied by shuttle bus to places of specific host, before the opening of another center of 400 seats for these “vulnerable groups” in Ivry-sur-Seine (Val-de-Marne) “early 2017,” according to Bruno Morel.

“I am very happy because finally we can offer a welcome worthy and professional migrants arriving in Paris. For the first time today, these people are not going to ask in the street, but will be able to be welcomed”, welcomed on site Dominique Versini, assistant to the mayor of Paris.

This is a place entirely safe, not a place for police, managed by the association Emmaus with the State agencies that work with asylum applications, she added. The migrants do not have reason to be afraid of.”

This project, with a cost of 16.4 million euros (investment and operation), aims to put an end to a cycle of dismantling and reconstitution of camps in Paris. In total, more than 21,000 migrants were brought to the shelter in the course of thirty operations for more than a year in the capital.

Composed of modular structures, dismountable and with 120 employees, more than 500 volunteers, the centre is expected to be transposed elsewhere in 18 months, since the site is intended to accommodate university buildings.

10/11/2016 19:10:20 – Paris (AFP) – © 2016 AFP


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