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The ode to France (almost) candidate for Holland – The World

The head of State has laid the groundwork for his possible candidacy in the South-West and gets the support of artists and celebrities gathered together against the “Hollande bashing” in the ” JDD “.

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president François Hollande in Ayguesvives (Haute-Garonne), on the 19th of November.

This is a first stone, the first signal. Some sixty personalities of the civil society publish Sunday, November 20 in the Sunday Newspaper a call to denounce the ” Hollande bashing “, too often installed as they are against the head of State.

Among the signatories of this appeal included the fashion designer Agnès b, the photographer Raymond Depardon, the actress Catherine Deneuve, the essayist Mazarine Pingeot, or the emergency physician Patrick Pelloux, a friend of François Hollande, who had been alerted in person a few minutes after the massacre of the drafting of Charlie Hebdo on 7 January 2015.

If the Elysée palace ensures to have nothing to do with this appeal, in which the initiative would be governed exclusively by its signatories, the castle is not going to hide his pleasure. The good news is rare indeed for the head of State, while Emmanuel Macron announced Wednesday his candidacy for the presidential election, and his prime minister Manuel Valls do not disconnect, still not his ambitions for 2017. Especially, the doubts persist, including among his supporters, on the capacity of Francois Hollande to be able to be a candidate for a new mandate.

The head of State, him, don’t let that show and continues on its path as if nothing had happened. Saturday, November 19, he has spent his day in the south-west, between the Aude and the Haute-Garonne. Celebration of the 350 years of the canal du Midi and a review of the 4e regiment of the foreign legion at Castelnaudary, to visit a start-up global leader in connected objects in Labège, on the outskirts of toulouse, to finish with a detour into an elementary school and a public meeting in the small village of Ayguesvives…

A speech of pre-campaign

In a few hours, François Hollande has ticked all the boxes of a president, any grounds : the protection of heritage and culture, support to the armed forces and the industrial innovation and the celebration of national education and local democracy. All coated in an address to France, in the small hall of the Orangerie, Ayguesvives, sounds like a speech of the pre-launch campaign.

” It is the president of the Republic, who has expressed this evening “, takes care of later clarified to the press, François Hollande. Too early yet to reveal his intentions, he leaves until mid-December to give its decision in 2017. But in front of some 200 people gathered in Ayguesvives, ” this small municipality like many other “, it is a true ode to the France that Hollande has delivered.

” today, I wanted to show the beautiful face of our country “, he says, touting its ” engineering “, ” the ability of permanent creation “, and its ” the territories and their positive energy “. At the lectern, leaning on the podium, the head of State finds the gestures and voice of his 2012 campaign. the ” Since 2012, France has made numerous reforms, I know that efforts have been requested and there is still a lot of expectation, of anticipation, sometimes even of anger “, he says.

For the president, not yet a candidate, ” the results come “, but ” there are still many changes that need to be done in the real life of the French people “. The this list ” four major challenges “ for years to come – he will not dare to say the next quinquennium. There are both public and private investment, which allows the ” see far “ ; the education with the aim ” excellence for all “ ; the long training of the life, that ” will make a difference in globalization ” ; and the energy transition which, with the agreement of Paris at the COP21, becomes ” irreversible “.

Holland the optimist comes to speak to the France that doubt. He refuses to ” the culture of denigration “ which ” would eventually make us forget our strengths and our strengths “. the ” We are a people-contradictory, is both very critical and very proud of himself, both very individualistic and tied to the collective, at the same time very challenging in respect of the State and constantly asking for that the State is there “, ” he says.

Against the “authoritarian” and the ” all-national “

Without naming them, the head of the State target each of its opponents or competitors, to the right and to the far right, but also to the left. He denounced ” liberal ” that sacred ” the freedom of some against that of others “. It thrashes the ” authoritarian “ that feeds the ” the arbitrary, denial of diversity, the risk of conflict, but our country needs more than ever cohesion “. Reject ” the national “ because ” the decline, protectionism, isolationism is never the answer “.

at the time of Brexit and after the election of Donald Trump to the presidency of the United States, François Hollande said that Europe is the only possible chance for France. the ” Europe without France, or France without Europe, what would they be ? “, is concerned there.

on the eve of The first round of the primary from the right, the head of State refuses to enter into a confrontation between the staff with the opposition, national Front included. He wants to place himself above the fray, president in office that has only one objective to the mouth : ” together with France and French people “. ” In a few months, there will be elections, he says. the there will be discussions, debates, projects, but this should count, it is the vision of the future, not back to the past or the lock-in boundaries. What unites us must be stronger than what divides us. “

He does not hesitate to dramatize the issue of the future presidential election : ” We’ll be watched around the world, this election will have major consequences for Europe and the world “, he warns. And his former minister, Emmanuel Macron, which was critical of the ” system “, and claw the democracy of the party, François Hollande responded by saying his ” the pride of the elect “ which ” are engaged ” and ” were chosen by the people “.

After his speech to about thirty minutes, the president of the Republic spends about an hour or so to tighten them, one by one all the hands in the crowd, posing for selfies, distributes kisses and hugs. Surrounded by children, he exclaims : ” This is the France of tomorrow ! “, before adding, with a smile : ” I speak of them, of course “.

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