Sunday, November 20, 2016

Winds : nearly 50,000 households without access to electricity – West-France

Approximately 33, 000 households were without power Sunday morning in Normandy, and 19 000 in Britain after the high winds that swept through the two regions, with gusts reaching up to 160 km/h.

On his Twitter account, Enedis, which manages the electricity distribution network, today announced that ” due to high winds, 25,000 customers (are) without electricity for 8 hours on the Normandy “.

These cuts primarily affect the department of the Channel. According to the prefecture, 15 000 to 18 000 households are affected.

Side breton, according to the regional directorate of Enedis, 2 100 homes are without electricity in Ille-et-Vilaine, 9 100 in the Morbihan region, 2 300 in the Côtes-d’armor and 5 200 in the Finistère, a total of 18 700.

Three hundred professionals are on the ground to restore power, said Enedis to the AFP.

After you have placed Britain in vigilance orange this night, Météo France has raised its alert Sunday morning. It has also been lifted for the Mayenne and the Orne river.

Ten departments in vigilance orange this Sunday

the Ten departments of the quarter-north-west, and three from the centre-east of France remained Sunday morning, placed orange alert for high winds.

Wind : 10 dédepartments in vigilance orange
Wind : 10 departments in vigilance orange | Infographic Visactu

In addition to the Calvados, Eure, Manche, in the North, Pas-de-Calais, Seine-Maritime and the Sum placed as of Saturday morning orange alert, Météo France has extended Sunday morning this level of vigilance to three other departments : Loire, Haute-Loire and the Rhône. The end of the alert is scheduled for early Monday at 21: 00.

According to Météo France, it is” a storm common to the sea, from the Atlantic to the English Channel, and (a) strong gale on the north-west of France “. It is, she says, a” event that occurs three to four times per year “.

Finistère. Trees down and power outage

The gust of wind has led to property damage, including fallen trees and electrical wires. Between 19 h Saturday and 7 a.m. Sunday morning, the Centre and operational back-up to the Finistère has scored 162 departures.

Calvados. Not major damage, but power outages in norman Switzerland

In the Calvados, the wind has blown. But without major damage yet. Peak wind at 118 km/h at Port-en-Bessin, at 113 km/h) in Caen have been recorded. The fire department has been very busy ” but for current interventions “ show : trees fallen or uprooted, roofs damaged, chimneys threatening to fall…

at 8am, 6 500 clients (over 450 000 in the Calvados) were without electricity. More particularly, in Suisse normande, ” around of Condé in Normandy “ specifies ERDF ” but above all in the pays d’auge “. Its director says optimistic to replenish a good portion of the homes by the end of the morning “. It reminds us that we should not approach ” posts or cables to earth and promptly report to the 09 726 750 14 “.

Ille-et-Vilaine. 112 interventions of fire brigade

fallen Trees in the gusts of wind, basements, electrical cables cuts, fall of materials, firefighters have not been idle the last night in Ille-et-Vilaine.

In total, 112 interventions to rescue people, at home or on the road. Luckily, no injuries is reported.

The gusts of wind, which sometimes exceeded 100 km/h, took place evenly throughout the department.

Morbihan. 277 interventions, 9100 households without electricity

the fire department has made 277 interventions on the whole of the Morbihan. At 9: 05, 25 interventions were still in progress.

firefighters responded mainly to trees, branches, electrical wires, on the roads, slippery that night. They have worked on a dozen floods, mainly in caves.

power outages were numerous. At 7 a.m. this Sunday, November 20, 9 100 households were still without electricity, mainly in the north/north-west of the department, to Pontivy and Baud.

To Valves, the fire department has carried out 45 interventions

Côtes-d’armor. Several fallen trees due to the storm

there were a dozen interventions Saturday evening on the department as a whole for falling trees, especially in Saint-Brieuc, Ploufragan, Plouaret, Loguivy, Landébia or Saint-Mayeux. Some trees were lying across roads, which have been developed.

In Saint-Brieuc, a fence that surrounds the work of the school of Providence was lying on the road.

Côtes-d'armor. À Saint-Brieuc, a fence that surrounds the work of l’école de La Providence s’couchée on the road.
Côtes-d’armor. In Saint-Brieuc, a fence that surrounds the work of the school of Providence was lying on the road. | West-France

Sunday’s election

This episode rainy and windy deter-t he voters go to the polls for the first round of the primary of the right and of the centre of ? Answer Sunday night, with the live results on


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