Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Trump may not terminate the agreement in Paris on climate-Royal – Boursorama


 PARIS, November 9 (Reuters) - Donald Trump, likely future president of the United States, will not be able to denounce the Paris agreement on climate, said on Wednesday the French minister of the Environment, Ségolène Royal. "He may not, contrary to what he said, denounce the agreement of Paris," she said on RTL, holding that the compromise reached in December, 2015, and entered officially into force last Friday was now binding. "It can not prevent its implementation, recalling that, at the time when I speak to you, 103 countries had ratified, representing 70% of the emissions", added, Ségolène Royal, also in charge of international Relations on the climate. "I'm not worried because he'll have to redouble our fighting spirit to win the battle against climate change but it will have to be extremely vigilant and fight back each time that attempts will be made to weaken the agreement", she said. Ségolène Royal has also deplored the comments made during the campaign by the re   publican candidate, who seemed set to win the elections on Tuesday. "Donald Trump has advocated during the campaign view absolutely unbelievable, it questioned the effects of climate change, of global warming. However, the climate changes, I think, is the challenge of this century", stated the minister of the Environment. A year after the international conference in Paris, known as COP 21, the new gathering of the Un climate change opened on Monday in Marrakech, Morocco. This COP 22 is facing the challenge to implement an agreement for the fight against global warming, against all odds, has been ratified with more than three years ahead of schedule. (Julien Ponthus and Simon Carraud, edited by Yann Le Guernigou) 

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