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residents ” are entitled to expect that finally rolled back the minimum conditions of security “. Plaine commune habitat, an office HLM de Seine-Saint-Denis, attack the State court to obtain a reinforcement, that substantial police national.

The tenants and staff “undergo a veritable explosion local violence and delinquency,” wrote the landlord in a petition filed on November 3, the administrative court of Montreuil.

500 police officers requested, as compared to less than 300 currently

In question, in particular, the narcotics trade, which has reached “such a level of importance that a considerable part of the cities of the office has become the grim theatre, and the fears, the risks, the dangers that it leads ineluctably,” says the office HLM, which manages more than 18,000 housing units in seven municipalities.

The landlord, chaired by Stéphane Little, assistant to the communist mayor of Saint-Denis, estimated that 500 national police officers should be assigned permanently to the office of Saint-Denis. According to the organization, they are ” between 260 and 280 today.

This procedure ” has no legal basis serious “, according to the prefecture

the scale of the department, the members of the national police have not changed since 1999, “in Seine-Saint-Denis,” while the population has since increased by 25%, ” yet the office HLM.

This procedure ” has no legal basis for serious “, for his part, ruled the prefecture of Seine-Saint-Denis, questioned by the AFP. She adds that the police are not allocated solely on the basis of the number of inhabitants. Other criteria, such as the tourism or the presence of institutional sites are taken into account.

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In addition, the safety is not only ensured by the local police authorities, with, in particular, ” the contribution of departmental units and units of town “, added to the services of the prefect.

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