Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Record of votes in Harry’s Bar – Paris

The famous parisian bar organizes a voting fictitious, but that often falls just to the Americans passing through.

Dur to find a pro-Trump in the crowd of anonymous americans or French. The supporters of the republican candidate were not many yesterday evening at the election night organized by the famous Harry’s Bar (Paris IIe), even if in the interest of fairness, the posters of the two camps have been posted.

In the early evening, the slate, recording the voice of the ballot box stripped all the Fridays since the October 7, already displays 404 votes in favor of Hillary Clinton and 150 for Donald Trump.

” I have a friend at the HQ of campaign of Hillary to New York that keeps me informed in real time, ” says Isabelle Mac Elhone, the wife of the owner. On one of the walls, a picture of her in the company of his candidate throne in the right place.


Since 1924, and the establishment of the “straw vote” (” vote ” straw, this ballot did, of course, nothing official), the us customers at Harry’s Bar was wrong only twice. In 1976, for the election of Jimmy Carter and in 2004 for the second term of George W. Bush. “Our result this year leaves little doubt about the outcome of the election,” predicts Isabelle Mac Elhone. Kathleen, Liza, and McKenzie, three tourists american aged twenty years came to get a little bit of America during their vacation in France. Kathleen says : “If Trump goes by, it settles down in Europe. We did not imagine that he could be elected. It frightens us. “All three have voted by correspondence. At Harry’s Bar, 700 voting americans have deposited their ballot in the ballot box. “This is a record,” notes Franz-Arthur Mac Elhone the son of the owner. Proof that this campaign excited and worried at the same time.

The ballot box closes for four years. Hillary Clinton wins by 513 votes to 188 for Donald Trump. At 23 hours, the result of the vote of straw fell. Cries of joy in Harry’s Bar. “It remains to know if we are a good institute polls, or if we get it wrong for the third time in four-twenty-twelve-year voting of straw “, says Franz-Arthur Mac Elhone. “In which case one would have trumped “, playing an attendee.

Le ParisienNicolas Goinard


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