Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Aubervilliers : Romeo has found a dead baby into the canal – The Parisian

D'first, Romeo’s father did not believe his sons. The body of a baby on the side, immersed in the cold water of the channel… ” I thought it was a doll “, explains this young man’s grandfather, who, a mime with his hands the size of a new-born. It was nearly an hour in the morning, in the night of Monday to Tuesday. He turned on the light of his cell phone to illuminate the water. It is there, that he understood that his son said true. “I called the police, who told me to prevent the fire,” continues Romeo-son. And the firefighters told me to get out of the body. “This is the brother, Amar, who is responsible to get out of the water if small body w hose image haunts them all still. “I couldn’t touch it, I put my hands in a bag to lift it and put it on the edge,” explains Amar, still upset.

A body totally nude, that of a small girl. “The baby had an umbilical cord of a dozen centimeters,” recalls Petruta, the wife of Romeo-father. “How can they do this ?” wins her husband, surrounded by his little children.

Police officers and firefighters have remained on site late into the night, on the riverbank in front of the mall of the Millennium, between Paris and the lock of the Four-Paths. And on Tuesday morning, four investigators of the judicial police of Seine-Saint-Denis arpentaient places, not to not, searching the lower thicket, upstream and downstream of the floodgate of the Four-Path, in search of clues.

If the banks of the canal Saint-Denis are busy during the day, and popular with joggers, cyclists, and a few fishermen in front of the Millennium, the locations are sparsely populated. The buildings, the nearest are about a hundred meters away. There is little that the house inhabited by the family of Romeo. “Often there are thefts, or people alcoholic,” insisted Romeo, who would like to see the barrier near the lock is lifted to allow the police to do more patrols.

The autopsy performed on Tuesday did not know if the baby had died before being abandoned in the water, or even if he was born alive. It was in the water for several days at least and was able to derive. Findings forensic evidence to suggest that the child could be born pre-term. “The hypothesis of a miscarriage is not ruled out,” says a source close to the case.

” For this kind of business, which remains thankfully very rare, on account of the DNA, explains a police officer. It is also necessary that the father or the mother is known(e). Without this, it is very complicated to find the mother. “Unless a witness or remorse.


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