Tuesday, November 8, 2016

The national Commission of human rights advocates for the decriminalization of the use of cannabis in France – The World

This high administrative authority also decides for a contraventionnalisation of the use of other drugs.

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A woman holds up a plan of cannabis during a manifesation in Buenos Aires.

This is a ground on which nobody expected. The national consultative Commission on human rights (CNCDH) is pronounced, Tuesday, November 8, in favour of decriminalising the use of cannabis and a contraventionnalisation of the use of other drugs, considered to be ” the more dependence-producing “.

This position comes at a time when the minister of health, Marisol Touraine, is is in favor, the October 11, to the holding of a ” the debate on the nature of the sanction “ for simple use of cannabis, now punishable by a year in prison and 3,750 euro fine.

” The status quo cannot be a viable option, in view of the failure of the repressive apparatus of the current and of the paucity of policies of prevention and public health currently in force “, argues the CNCDH, which calls for the organization of a ” the vast consensus conference “ involving experts, policy-makers and users for ” to make this legislative change major “ and ” strengthen the social acceptability “.

In a notice, which was unveiled by The World in August, the inter-ministerial Mission of fight against drugs was in favor of the establishment to a fine of fifth class of the order of 300 € for use of narcotic drugs, without distinguishing cannabis from other drugs.

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” Right to a fair trial “

If the CNCDH, an independent administrative authority, has chosen to seize this issue, it is because the French law of 1970, criminalising the use of drugs questions, according to her, several fundamental rights. That the freedom of the individual, first of all, that ” implies the possibility of being able to make choices about her own body and its way of life “.

The ” right to a fair trial ” is also invoked, the young men from visible minorities or the homeless (SDF) is, according to it, more controlled and therefore more sentenced and other categories of the population for this reason.

the criminalization of The use of drugs would push finally the consumption of drugs ” in environments that are unhealthy and isolated, which increases the risk of infection and death by overdose “, and would thus constitute an infringement of the right to protection of health.

The ” decriminalization ” of the use of cannabis proposed by the CNCDH, which would also ” reduce the burden on police forces and justice “, would, however, maintenance of offences in violation of the code of the road (pipes under the influence) or by the labour code.


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