Tuesday, November 8, 2016

In Paris, Harry’s New York Bar chooses Hillary Clinton – The Figaro

The candidate the democratic party has been given largely winner in this bar, which organizes since 1924, one white vote for every presidential election. In 22 editions, this vote has given twenty times the good president.

This is a cry of victory that rang out in Harry’s New York bar for 23 hours. The tabulation of the final “straw vote”, literally voting of straw, gave the candidate a democrat, Hillary Clinton, largely victorious in the face of his opponent Donald Trump in the us presidential election. The wife of Bill Clinton, former president of the United States, has received 513 votes against 188 for the republican candidate. “We hope that the result will be the same for the real election,” says McKenzy Myers, a tourist, an american from Maine travels to Paris.

Since 1924, the Harry’s Bar organises every four years a white vote for the us presidential election. But this year, the white vote, which was reserved for Us, was passionate: “We have had this year a record participation since 701 people have deposited their ballot in the ballot box,” explains Franz-Arthur MacElhone, owner of the bar. A strong participation, which can be explained by the fact that, this year, the campaign has been particularly busy in rebounding. Despite the large victory, the entire world is not really serene. “This would be a disaster for Donald Trump to be elected. This is not the right solution for the country. But in the United States, the two candidates do not inspire confidence. A lot of young people have not voted because they are afraid of the one as of the other,” said McKenzy Myers.

At the time of the examination the end, an American scrutinize the ballots of the voters of Florida, one of the “swing states” where will the election. If the vote was not official, it is a true telling of the american presidential election. “We have already organised 22 “straw vote”, and we don’t we are cheated only twice. A year, an institute of survey we had even called to know the trends. We hope that this year again we will always be reliable,” says the owner of the bar.

The property, in full, clearly shows his preference for the candidate a democrat. Indeed, it is difficult to find supporters of Donald Trump among the crowd which gathers. Yet on the walls, by need for equity, all the posters of presidential candidates are visible. “Memory, there has never been a large gap in the votes,” recalls Franz-Arthur MacElhone. After the result of the vote, the ballot box is closed for the next four years. But the election-night has not stopped. The official results will be communicated in the course of the night by the american media broadcast on the television positioned in the different rooms of the bar.


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