A female police officer wears a target to denounce the violence suffered by the forces of law and order, Viry-Châtillon, November 8, 2016. – MIGUEL MEDINA / AFP

The movement of growling police officers continues, a month to the day after the attack with Molotov cocktails against four officials at Viry-Châtillon ( Essonne). On Tuesday, hundreds of agents have once again demonstrated on Tuesday in several cities.

in Front of the town hall of Viry-Châtillon, about 250 police officers, supported by fire, a target that hangs in the back to denounce the violence “continues,” they are gathered in silence in the evening.

” Every day, police officers are caillassés in the cities “

” You feel a surge of the violence. Every day, it is the target of the offenders and criminals, ” said a police officer of the department. “Every day, police officers are caillassés in the cities, not to mention the verbal insults “, he adds, after singing the Marseillaise with the other protesters. On 8 October, two police officers had been seriously burned in an attack on their vehicle by more than a dozen attackers, who have not yet been found.

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Braving their reserve duty, out-of-union, the “police anger” have been asking for more staffing, more resources, more severe penalties for perpetrators and a relaxation of the rules of self-defense with an alignment on those applying to the gendarmes.

Mobilization from Calais to Nice

” today any person representing the State of near or far is the target of the abuse, even fire, it is at the end, be no surprise that there are so many suicides in the police, ” said a police in Marseille, where some 150 protesters gathered in the afternoon. Even participation in Dijon, france, Beziers and Nantes, then to Brest, they were a hundred protesters.

dozens of police officers and firefighters have also expressed to Calais, Nice, Angers, Strasbourg, Mulhouse or even Metz. In Bordeaux, where some 80 protesters gathered outside the Hotel de Ville, a major police says not to be “jazzed for the sequel” despite the promises of government, referring to “increasing pressure” of the hierarchy to deter the slingers continue to manifest.

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With this movement, born in the six months of the presidential election, the opposition pulls to red cannon balls on the government, which is struggling to appease the wrath of the forces of law and order. Favourite in the polls for the primary on the right, Alain Juppe went on Tuesday to meet police officers in Viry-Châtillon, pledging in an “open letter to the forces of order, “a law” security and justice ” from the beginning of the quinquennium, if he is elected.

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