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Vandalism, threat of complaint : a HIV prevention campaign to excite the hard right – Liberation

On the images, two men entwined. Near them, a text which implies that they are about to play Scrabble : “With a lover, with a friend, with a stranger…”, “love at first sight, first shot, shot one night…”, “love, have fun, forget…”. Three different contexts and a same fall on these posters visible in the streets of major French cities for a few days : “the situations vary… The modes of protection”.

for MSM (men who have sex with men), this prevention campaign are invited to visit the site, managed by public Health, France, a public establishment under the supervision of the ministry of health.

“This site is intended for the general public, to health professionals and, in general, any person searching for, in the course of his business or personal information on the prevention of HIV and STIS in men who have sex with men”, one can read in its legal notices. The site, prior to teaching, does not offer any explicit content, just like the posters that promote them. Finally good, all the same, men who roucoulent at the sight of the young passers-by, that is not very catholic. Result : the reactions of activists close to the Manif for all, moreover, are strongly moved on the social networks, and in the street.


Thursday night, shortly before midnight, a certain Louis Ronssin has shared photos of the vandalism (sorry, the “cleaning”) of one of the posters for a priori located “not a primary school”.

A 39-year-old, activist of the first hour of the Manif for all and head of its western branch is illustrated without surprise by his positions réacs on almost all the key-words which agitated by reflex of the group’s members (so-called “gender theory” at school, PMA, GPA, Taubira law…). It is also one of the people who abundantly relayed by the petition intended to overturn the scientific symposium on the GPA which takes place in Paris this Friday.

an Engineer by training, head of a social enterprise in the building in Calvados, according to The Cross, which has spent a short portrait last year, this father of five children has also recently risen against the government project for the extension of the offence of obstruction of the websites anti-ABORTION disguised as news sites. Joined by LCI, it does not confirm nor infirm to be the author of the acts of vandalism, but benefits all the same, in a relaxed atmosphere, to qualify this campaign of health prevention “of incitement to debauchery”. The action that it has relayed has in any case been welcomed on Twitter by Christine Boutin, president of honor of the christian democrat Party, for which this campaign is nothing less that“a shame,”.

Threat of complaint

Boutin, as Ronssin, and especially the official account of The Manif for all, have relayed on Twitter the message, outraged by Tugdual Derville, general delegate of Alliance VITA (association of anti-abortion founded by Boutin 1993). Derville, photos of posters in support, the comments as well : “love takes a hell of a kick when the #sex is amputated. Thank you to the government for these pubs inflicted on the children”. Jean-Frédéric Poisson, candidate for the primary of the right and centre, for his part, relayed a petition demanding in an open letter to Manuel Valls, the “immediate withdrawal” of the campaign, in the name of protecting children.

In a text simply titled Do not touch our children, as if the campaign was literally an assault against them, the association Eveilleurs of Hope – that represent the famous Watchmen, these “night-deboutistes” réacs mobilized against the marriage for all – even consider “the possibility of lodging a complaint against Marisol Touraine, Minister of social Affairs and Health, for the corruption of minors on the basis of articles 227-22 and 227-24 of the penal Code”. It is what it is.

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display national

a user calling it with “monster” the ministry of social Affairs and Health, and pretending to wonder about what he could say to his girl of eight years, the minister of Families, of Childhood and of Women’s Rights, Laurence Rossignol, for his part, advised to tell the child “that it has the chance to live in a country where it is important to inform people, without denial, to help protect against serious diseases.” Laurence Rossignol unworthy just this Friday in a forum at Liberation of the instrumentalisation of the child by the right and the extreme right.

Michel Celse, an expert adviser to the national Council on aids and viral hepatitis, has collaborated with public Health on the campaign. Contacted by Liberation, he said not really surprised by the reactions mentioned earlier, given “the climate of recent years”. Give the greatest visibility to this campaign, the not limited to the community venues, was precisely his objective first. He calls to relativize the distrust observed, which remains “minority”, while stating that the campaign expected until Tuesday, November 29, will be visible in all cities of over 20,000 inhabitants, in particular via the display on buses and in shopping centres. But not in the toy departments when even, phew.

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Alexander Hervaud , Virginia Ballet


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