Friday, November 18, 2016

Terrorism : a teenager, close to Rashid Kassim, arrested in Britain – The Parisian

Complice alleged Rashid Kassim, one of the main targets of the services, counter-terrorism, a teenager of belgian origin, a 17-year-old was arrested at his home in Rennes (Ille-et-Vilaine) on Tuesday morning, according to information of LCI. At the end of 72 hours of custody, it should be referred this Friday afternoon in front of the Paris anti-terrorist prosecutor in the course of an investigation for “criminal association with terrorist criminal”.

Nicknamed “Abu Omar” on the e-mail encrypted Telegram, H. M. would have been very active for several months on the channel that is used by Rashid Kassim, now closed. Left to join the ranks of Daech in 2012, this used the application to locate new recruits and encourage them to pass the act. Rashid Kassim, 29, is involved in a dozen criminal investigations in the pole counter-terrorism in Paris, as the attack of Saint-Etienne-de-Rouvray at the end of July or the “commando-women” neutralized Boussy Saint Antoine, Essonne, france) in September.

H. M. would have and acts as the introducer Kassim and young islamists. It would also be “organized, virtual encounters between these young terrorists in the grass”, according to LCI. Among them, two girls, aged 15 and 16 years old were arrested in August at Melun and Clermont-Ferrand before being incarcerated.

The teenager was arrested in the framework of the investigation on another minor 16 years of age, was arrested in August when she said she was ready to commit a violent action, on the e-mail encrypted Telegram.

This young girl is arrested at Melun, described as “very radicalized” by a source close to the investigation, had been indicted and prison by an investigating judge in paris. Since that time, another man had been arrested, considered as the one who co-operated the chain Telegram, the teenager. The young man arrested this week was in connection with this man and showed him as active on the channel Telegram to Rashid Kassim.
The investigators questioned the willingness of the teenager, born in Belgium, and whose family was recently installed at Rennes, wanting to pass the act.

Since this summer, at least a dozen people, often young people and even minors have been arrested and indicted for threats of terrorist attacks inspired by the calls to murder launched on the internet by the jihadist French Rashid Kassim from the Turkish-syrian.


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