Friday, November 18, 2016

Closure of the hospital Pompidou in Paris, after a bomb – Release

Nice : a procedure to change the name of a small Mohamed Merah

of the same name.

The prosecutor’s office in Nice has instituted the procedure to change the name of a little boy of 15 days reported to the civil status under the name of “Mohamed, Nizar Merah”, which evokes that of the killer of Toulouse and Montauban in 2012.

It is the court who will decide if yes or not, it is necessary to remove the name of Mohamed of the state-civil for that child and whether or not it is necessary to give another name,” said prosecutor Jean-Michel Priest, alerted the 14 November by the city of Nice. The municipality has estimated that the choice of the parents “could be contrary to the interests of the child” and has equated to an apology of terrorism.

According to the sociologist Baptiste Coulmont, it is”a first name widespread and classic“. The number of Mohamed-born in 2011 was 2 402 and 300 other children born this year-there is prénommaient Mohammed, with two “m”, explains the sociologist. By comparison, the babies fore mentioned ones “Mary” were 1 634, Paul 3 128 and Maxence and Gabin around 2,500.


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