Emmanuel Macron and his wife Brigitte Trogneux – ABENHAIM/POOL/SIPA

He was just 15 years old, and already, he was on the front of the stage… In a video excerpted from the documentary Emmanuel Macron, the strategy of the meteor, which will be broadcast on Monday, November 21 at 20h55 on France 3, we find the ex-minister of the Economy, while a young teenager, playing a scarecrow in a play mounted by his French teacher of the time, which is none other than his future wife.

This is by joining the theater workshop, which Emmanuel Macron, then enrolled in second grade at jesuit high school, Amiens, falls in love with her teacher, Brigitte Trogneux, 24 years his senior.

” I mounted a piece of Tardieu, The Comedy of language, with small skits, ” recalls Brigitte Macron. “He played a scarecrow and I thought he was amazing on stage. What presence ! “, she says in the documentary on France 3.

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at the end of the play, the young Emmanuel Macron embraces his professor, to the cheers of the public. The couple will marry in 2007. Today, after 18 years together, the couple has regularly set the scene in the media.

The former minister of the Economy, François Hollande, has officially declared Wednesday his candidacy for the presidency of the Republic.

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