Tuesday, August 16, 2016

And the city where the most red light and the yellow light is on grid … – TF1

It is often said that the French are pressed at the wheel. A theory that is true to the traffic lights, according to AutoPlus . The magazine recently studied the behavior of motorists in 10 major cities of France and the results are revealing.
On top ranking include Marseille , where 15% of red light and 46% of orange lights * would not be respected. The city of Nice prances in second place with 46% of grilled orange lights against 5% of red lights. Respectively in 3rd, 4th and 5th position include Paris (43%), Lyon (42%) and Strasbourg (40%).
Some cities are better students. Although there is no cause for celebration. In Nantes, 39% of French traffic lights burn against 36% in Toulouse, Lille and 34% to 29% in Bordeaux. The most disciplined city of lights is Clermont-Ferrand where “only” a quarter of drivers run red lights and confused orange.

Top 10

1- Marseille / 15% red lights – 46% of orange lights

Nice 2/5% of red lights – 46% of orange lights

3- Paris / 11% of red lights – 32% orange lights

4- Lyon / 6% of red lights – 36% of orange lights

5- Strasbourg / 5% red lights – 35% orange lights

6- Nantes / 3% of fires red – 36% of orange lights

7- Toulouse / 6% of red lights – 30% orange lights

8- Lille / 8% red lights – 26% of fires orange

9- Bordeaux / 1% red lights – 28% of orange lights

10- Clermont-Ferrand / 8% red lights – 17% of orange lights

When a name is used as a color word, it becomes invariable. This is the case of “orange”.

motorists are impatient to green light

according to the survey conducted by the AutoPlus the French do not like to wait in the green light. The more “zen” are the drivers of Clermont-Ferrand. We have to wait on average 8.2 seconds to see the show the first signs of impatience. Lille and Strasbourg following suit. Conversely, the Bordeaux motorists began to stomp after just 3.7 seconds on average, followed closely by Parisians and Nice.


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