Thursday, August 18, 2016

Bordeaux: he jumped into the water to escape the police but does not reappear – L’Express

More than 36 hours after disappearing, it is still not found. In the night from Tuesday to Wednesday, a man in his twenties wanted to escape the police who tried to arrest him, jumping shortly after midnight in the Garonne, from Louis XVIII quay in Bordeaux.

According to corroborating sources, the officers of the LAC (Anti-Crime Brigade) were alerted by passers of the violent attitude of this man. He was, as they said, “particularly excited” and “aggressive” and had to pick on people, near the docks. Of testimony corroborated by images of video surveillance, did we clarified to the prosecution, confirming a report in local daily South West .

When the police have approached him, the young man would have violently resisted, then he ran away and climbed over a security railing on the waterfront overlooking the Garonne. A dialogue began with the police, who tried to appease and to reason with him, receiving in their insults and threats in return. Finally the man ended up jumping, trying in vain to lead him with a policeman in the river.

Is it out of the river out of sight of the police?

First, the fugitive was seen swimming toward a dock ladder, then grab it, time that police are trying, again unsuccessfully, to talk. Alerted by the police, the fire brigade dispatched a rescue boat, but the young man had already dropped the ladder and disappeared into the Garonne.

The research undertaken at night and Wednesday yielded nothing. According to the prosecution, one can not totally exclude that man could, overnight, get out of the river out of sight of police. The individual has been identified as a marginal, with some criminal record.

IGPN (General Inspectorate of the National Police), seized by the prosecution after the fact, opened an investigation for abuse of persons vested with public authority. For now, says West no worrying disappearance was reported to Bordeaux.


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