Thursday, August 4, 2016

Burkini: Whitewater controversy – Liberation

A private association rents for one day a private place – in this case Speedwater Park of Pennes-Mirabeau (Bouches-du-Rhône) – inviting women to come swim in it “Burkini and jilbab bath “, the Islamic aquatic held covering the body from head to ankles. Simply state this sentence to detect all the fuel controversy in it. If, ultimately, veiled women are dressed to swim, without the presence of men over 10 years (outside the lifeguards), it should not be confused, at least in terms of law, the problems posed by this “case” with the claim of slots reserved for women in public facilities such as public swimming pool, by nature open to all and to all. Add in passing that the private park had to be closed at the date of the event: her outfit thus deprived party use of facilities

Of course, the extreme right, led by Senator Marseille. Stéphane Ravier, shouted to sharia made in France “No more ‘living together’, to live up to the Islamic communalism. [...] This Islamic day demonstrates that beyond reassuring speeches of Muslim authorities, a number of Muslims intersect voluntarily our republican model. “ True, the right, led by the MP for Bouches du-Rhône Valérie Boyer, sang the same refrain, amount to the plate to start: “! We can not tolerate such practices in our country” , seeing in this day “the the most visible expression of the fundamentalists’

“Provocation that we do not need”

So many reactions -. and had some left more or less the same – passing written off the character perfectly legal in this private event. This is not a detail. Faced with the controversy, Mayor and Senator (various left) of Pennes-Mirabeau town where is located the water park, however, decided to transmit to the prefect a proposed municipal ban stopped. In Le Parisien , Michel Amiel pointed this event “as a provocation which is not needed in the current context. This is pure and hard communitarianism “.

And the mayor to justify the ban, not in the name of the principle of secularism, which is in no way violated in this story, but “due to public disorder threats” . Europe 1, he said: “The prefect will decide to validate or ask me to remove it, that I will not do and then, the administrative judge decides. [...] There is no community problem [my city], and I do not think it is this event that will create. However, I believe that a large majority of the population of Pennes-Mirabeau approve my decision, or at least will understand. “


If the Smile approach 13, the “cultural association, sports and self-help for women and children” of the northern districts of Marseille, organizer of the event, which says “respect everyone “ and not ” cultic “, is obviously communitarian, that wins are we to stigmatize as a sign of a conquering advanced Islamization of French society, threatening our Republic ? Without back on the defense of secularism, where the latter is concerned, the question deserves to be asked. But what’s common between a private water park and lay sanctuaries are a school, college or high school? Deny this hobby some women, in the name of their rights – they claim it to swim well – does he risk being primarily against-productive, creating a sense of injustice? One can also wonder whether the risk of disturbances pointed by the mayor were limited or enhanced by out elected wood to cry wolf.

patrick mennucci elected Marseilles and PS deputy, was the one of the few not to plunge into the controversy: “is the bathroom dressed against the law in France? No. Privatize a place is permitted “, has he responded on Twitter, denouncing ” anti-Muslim controversy over “. Controversy “unnecessary” , supported his senator colleague Samia Ghali, also elected to Marseille, holding that it “maintains confusion on the real issues of our fighting” . He added: “Intolerance must not change sides. [...] This hysterization society about Islam, its practices and customs must stop because it deeply affects the freedom of conscience “ The treasurer of the Smile 13 Association has denounced. “We’re in a falsely free country. Some women can not swim in this park normally because they have religious or personal beliefs and do not want to undress in front of some people. “

Jonathan Bouchet-Petersen


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