Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Chevènement shared between “freedom” to wear the “burkini” and “need for public order” – The World

Chevènement on Europe 1 on Tuesday 16th  August.

” people are free to make their bathing costume or not “, said Jean-Pierre Chevènement interviewed on Europe 1 Tuesday, August 16th. The former interior minister was expected on the controversial issue of the prohibition of “burkini” – a swimwear particularly covering likened to a burka – as it is tipped to take the Foundation’s management to islam France.

“My position is liberty except necessity of public policy, then qualified politician. When there is the possibility of clashes, as he was able to produce in Sisco Corsica, Mayor Sisco, as the mayor of Cannes, are entitled to make orders. It’s part of the powers of mayors who are responsible for maintaining the peace. “

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PS mayor Sisco, in Haute-Corse, banned the wearing of the “burkini” after a brawl broke out Saturday on the beach while according to some witnesses, tourists taking pictures in several women who bathed fully dressed. Two weeks earlier, the mayor Republicans (LR) Cannes took a similar order, followed by the LR mayor of Villeneuve-Loubet, in Alpes-Maritimes.

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“discretion” of Muslims

Chevènement also deplored the “rating and stupid controversy” aroused by his Board of “discretion” to Muslims during his interview with the Paris on Monday. “Everyone must make an effort so that, under the secular republic, whether civil peace prevails” , has he reaffirmed Tuesday:

“All previous waves of immigration in France, Central Europe – Poles, Ukrainians, Russians, Armenians, Jews – or from South East Asia have made some efforts to adopt our customs. This same effort is required of all. Everyone must seek to integrate into French society. Integration is not a dirty word, it means access to social codes that allow the exercise of freedoms. “

About his possible at the head of the Foundation of the Islam of France, the former minister said: ” I am not a candidate, I’m available. I do not shirk me to this request. “

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