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Duflot candidate: “Space is thin. But it exists. With faith, Cécile “- Liberation

Dear friends, dear friends.

Through the primary ecology, I decided to compete in the presidential election in 2017.

Because the ecology is too important for that because his defense is absent from issues in an election that can set the course of our country for years to come, I have never made any secret that I was preparing for this date.

Now everything has been done and will be done to rule us: the next battle looks tough. Including to collect 500 signatures. The rules were recently changed to rule out formations like ours. We must stand firm. We must also ensure that the free winning so ecology legislative elections that follow. We are the force that builds the future and therefore have the responsibility to strengthen our effectiveness and influence.

That’s why this ecologist candidacy is not an individual adventure but commits us collectively. I realize the responsibility is mine. The knowledge that I have gained in our common struggles with the confidence that the activists and militants have given me, I have to put it at the service of the public interest. It is a great honor obviously but it is above all a test. Let us keep in mind our past campaigns.

The Presidential is a marathon. Not a sprint. candidate is not improvised.

A presidential requires vision, pedagogy for the sharing of the experience to be credible, determination to open a way into consciences.

I was born environmentalist, because my parents instilled in me a love of nature and concern for its preservation. Political ecology is primarily a movement of affirmation of the importance of natural question. But the idea of ​​nature in our societies deserted, too obsessed with materialism and productivism to understand that the state of our planet is critical. If the edge of the cop 21, the “Laudato si” Pope Francis received a reception so special is that it has found the right words to highlight the indissoluble link between saving the planet and respect for its people. This text that I would like for one of the largest in recent years, rang in my ears as a wonderful incentive to persevere in our work of awakening minds and hearts, making the link between criticism of our model development and innovative proposals to transform the lives of millions of people. Far from being the monopoly of believers, it is our responsibility to land precisely without distinction of origin, of faiths and religions. To continued great adventure of humanity, we must recover the deep desire to create a better future for everyone.

The second pillar of my commitment, my feminism was built by my education, but also by the permanent confrontation with the idea that there are only subordinate places for women. Women is also learning the arbitrary sexism and authoritarian patriarchal model. So do not ask me where my taste for revolt: I had no choice but to reject the unacceptable. Mother of four I know the fate that is done to women, even though in our warmer latitudes: the injunction to choose between work and family life, the assignment to gendered residence which prohibits us hope, the obsession with control of our bodies by another whether the cover or uncover it. So I say quietly that feminism is an emancipatory force, freeing half of humanity, frees the other.

My commitments are old. My years of associative activism helped me see the misery of the world face in trying to improve prison conditions. I discovered the social determinants that affect individual trajectories, and never let anyone ignore them. Social justice is a compass that has always guided my choice. The mysteries of our inner life and the exercise of national secretariat of six years have taught me the meaning of listening and compromise, respect for our common decisions and also the necessity of our overflow to grow our ideas. Our government involvement and my mandate as MP finally allowed me to know the workings of the political decision and the conduct of the affairs of the nation. I measure the weight of the techno and conservatism of the system, and no naivety remains in my mind about blocking forces that we face in our society finally begins the turning towards ecology it needs.

Our country can and should be a pioneer. This is the perspective that I will defend in the countryside that opens. The solutions of the past are not renewable. But tomorrow is ours. On this point I wrote a book, made proposals, taken initiatives, led the fighting.

We need to get out of the cult of growth for growth and fight against the widespread mismanagement of the company consumption. I advocate that the climate must be made constitutional and that our republic becomes an ecological republic worthy of the issues raised by the Anthropocene. Here the course. I defend the idea of ​​a France that 100% renewable finally sort of nuclear winter. I also demand a reorientation of European policy alongside Yanis Varoufakis that Europe will die under the blows of the combined buffers national populist and ultra-liberals who dream only of the decline of the state in favor of the ordo-liberalism. I propose a European environmental treaty that our continent make ecology a priority and a constituent for the citizens and European citizens take hold of their destiny. The focus on citizenship, which was also at the heart of the movement Night Stand, is decisive. I demand a new republic for increased democracy: all public data in open data, proportional, non-renewable seven-year term, not multiple directorships, reversing the electoral calendar are the strong lines. I also want to strengthen the role of parliament, after a five-year or 49.3 was a gun put to renunciation of service

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the question of the role of parliament is central. And once again we must not forget that the presidential and legislative elections following part of the same political sequence. My candidacy is also part of this logic: building bridges between the two campaigns to register with strength in the cycle ahead. The president must not suck all the energy of the movement at the expense of regions and parliamentary elections. The site of the reinvention of the movement should not know more pause. The president has to be an opportunity in the service of our collective cause. I am committed and will formulate specific proposals on this point.

I will be proud to represent you in the coming battles. I take my share of our common history, our successes and our failures. The last few months were especially painful for political ecology. The organized divisions, débauchages orchestrated, poorly controlled disappointments have significantly weakened us. But we must absolutely look up.

My choice has not been in the years gone by to seek the consent of the dominant forces, but to set me against the inertia, injustice and cowardice that the makes possible. In the last period I have not spared my efforts. Standing up to supporters of blind austerity and budget cuts unworthy, confronting lobbies to bring down the cost of rent, by not yielding anything on Our Lady of the moors, leaving the government because the policy had his back our commitments and in the future, supporting the receipt against racial profiling, denouncing the moral Waterloo that was the abandonment of refugees by denying the official lies about the tragic death of a young man Sivens in defending our conception of the republic against the deprivation of citizenship, I made enemies. But silence would it have been better? I do not regret a word, not a commitment, not a mobilization. The aggressiveness of my enemies, I wear it as a decoration. I go there or my conscience dictates where call me our common commitments.

Defend every inch of these positions does not mean refusing dialogue. My campaign will also be a dialogue campaign with all of those that we must absolutely convinced of the correctness of our positions and the need to forge new civic alliances to move our country. Citizens, citizens will resume business in hand. We have nothing to expect from the self-proclaimed elites that led the country into an impasse where it is located. My campaign will turn to the forces that build the country everyday. In particular I count on the new generations to lead the ecological recovery of which France needs. My campaign team will make them an important place will be Joint composed of EELV pillars of all sensibilities, but especially open to new entrants to expand our traditional spectrum.

Our country should be a time of conquest. Let us be enthusiastic, open, bold, generous. And aware of the seriousness of the period.

France needs harmony, more than ever. MP for a constituency affected by the attacks, I spoke at the congress in Versailles, the values ​​that should guide us deal with the terrorist threat. I voted a state of emergency in conscience then I refused his infinite extension without strategy or clear course to face the painful moments that crosses our country. I will continue to be vigilant to defend our people, our democracy and living together in one piece because France is a whole, a block whose values ​​are not negotiable and can fluctuate depending on events. In this campaign I will oppose vigorously xenophobic of all stripes who dream only to stir up hatred.

In particular, I argue that the battle against the National Front will be my priority. As in Austria, in the future it is between these pernicious forces and environmentalists will be played the fate of our democracies. Our responsibility therefore is to build a large majority oriented force capable of containing, in the back and then beat them.

At the time, therefore, to appoint the person to represent us in Presidential debate, ask yourself one question: who will be the fittest? Who can withstand shrapnel? Who endures against the odds? Who will go after without blinking? Nothing will be given us. Nothing will be spared us. The space is slim. But it exists.

To invent new ways must be able to withstand the pressure of conformity and the temptation of discouragement. I’m ready, learning from the lessons of life and strong support.

With faith, Cecilia.

Cécile Duflot EELV MP, former Minister for Equal Housing and territories


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