Saturday, August 20, 2016

“I am not a socialist” the statement Macron the Puy du Fou annoys the left – Le Monde

The visit of Emmanuel Macron the Puy du Fou, Friday, Aug. 19, at the invitation of Philippe de Villiers, has not gone unnoticed. The economy minister praised the work of the founder of the Movement for France, as an “cultural entrepreneur” , the amusement park is a “tremendous success” that enabled the creation of fifteen hundred direct jobs and more than three thousand indirect.

Asked by reporters about his presence in a place where no socialist minister never came, Emmanuel Macron responded

“honesty compels me to say that I am not a socialist (…). But so what? When you are a minister, you are Minister of the Republic and, therefore, you serve the public interest. “

While stressing the ” real differences “ with Philippe de Villiers, the government minister Valls blasted the ” sectarianism “ and “sterile oppositions” that paralyze France.

investment banker and former deputy secretary general of the president, Emmanuel Macron has never hidden that it was not adhering to the Socialist Party. He even founded his own movement in April 2016, in Marche!. If he keeps the suspense on his participation in the 2017 presidential election, the Minister took his Vendée moving to assert its difference

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” Ultimate provocation “,” formidable intruders “

His initiative was welcomed by freshly part of the left. The President of the Young Socialist Movement (MJS), Benjamin Lucas, has detected a “ultimate challenge”

The socialist deputy of the Pas-de-Calais Guy Delcourt described Mr Macron on Twitter “opportunistic” and “formidable intruders” .

the statement also seems to have displeased the Elysee, as the deputy chief of staff Francois Hollande, Christophe Pierrel laments – on his personal Twitter account – this visit with “a leader of the extreme right”

” It smells the end of reign “

right-wing politicians, however, revel in the spectacle of these divisions. MP Thierry Mariani (The Republicans), interprets the Declaration of Emmanuel Macron as a “confession” that smells of “end of reign” .

Senator Roger Karouchi (LR) also ironic about the “momentum of truth left”


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