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Jacqueline Wild: Why Francois Hollande thanks to no avail – Liberation

It was a strong message to victims of domestic violence. There are more than six months, on January 31, François Hollande gave a partial presidential pardon to Jacqueline Wild, 68, sentenced on appeal to ten years’ imprisonment for the murder in 2012 of her husband who beat her for years and had raped his daughters. Since then, the fate of the sixties was in the hands of the application judge sentences Melun (Seine-et-Marne). Presidential partial pardon is indeed a pardon that only allows to present a request for parole earlier than expected. Without this, Jacqueline Wild should have until January 2017 to apply from either half of his sentence and after the safety period.

But Friday morning, the enforcement judge sentences Melun (Seine-et-Marne) has dampened hopes by rejecting his release. In a highly motivated decision – just over five pages – he blames Jacqueline Wild “not having confirmed that she finally chose to commit those offenses and not enough to question his act” . and “we have been consistently demonstrate that it had had no other choice than acting out and she is a victim. The decision tends to say that Jacqueline Wild did not accept that it is a criminal is intolerable, “ said its lawyers M th Nathalie Tomasini and Janine Bonaggiunta .

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Sentenced to ten years in prison for aggravated murder, the parole Jacqueline wild depended on the assessment of his dangerousness, as provided for in Article 730-2 of the code of criminal procedure. She had been placed for six weeks in the National Assessment Centre (NTC) in the Réau prison in Seine-et-Marne, where it is still to be examined by psychologists, prison counselors insertion and probation or supervisors. Each speaker should achieve then put Assessment Report in the hands of sentence enforcement judge

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in its report, the judge also said that Jacqueline Wild “can not pretend to live near the scene of the facts, in an environment that, given the support it enjoys, might hold in a position of victimhood. ” Adds an incomprehensible paragraph to his lawyers: “The extensive media coverage of the case makes it difficult authentic reflection process for Madame Sauvage who is encouraged to be confined in an exclusive location victim without questioning his personal psychic questioning and without questioning its share of responsibility in the pathological functioning of the couple “, states in part the judgment while his lawyers explained that ” it has nothing to do with the hype, “ Jacqueline Wild has become a symbol of domestic violence against her. Since his conviction, the supporters have in fact multiplied for his release. Political mobilization, media – Libération had in his one in December by calling Francois Hollande – but also citizens. A petition relaying clemency had receuilli including more than 350 000 signatures and several events organized by feminist collectives were organized.

“How far back do you torment this woman? “ will outweigh M th Nathalie Tomasini and Janine Bonaggiunta. According to them, this decision “incomprehensible and shocking” is primarily a “political decision” : the judges would not digested that President interfering in the decisions of the judicial institutions that want today “assert their sovereignty.”

the prosecutor, who had taken favorable requisitions for his release, will appeal. The lawyers Jacqueline Wild, who have ten days to do it, do not exclude, but feel that it could be tired, tired of the procedures.

Cécile Bourgneuf


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