Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Manif for all is back – Le Point

They are back. Frontline in the fight against gay marriage and surrogacy (surrogacy), the organizers of the Manif for all called Wednesday in a demonstration on 16 October to defend the “new threat to” family. “Family [...] education [...] and family policy [...] are the three pillars to defend to protect the child, the family and society,” said in a statement the move out of his torpor after almost two years of inertia. At the start, many will (re) take to the streets of Paris, dressed in T-shirts and flags with the colors of the group, according to Ludovine La Rochère, its president.

“You have not only put an end to social case, but also lay the foundation for a family reconstruction policy. The social movement that stood there four years will continue to be weighed to uphold the best interests of the child and to save the family, “she insists. “It will perhaps not a million, but we feel a big ras-le-bol in the regions,” added Yvan, deputy coordinator of the national network based in Montpellier quoted by Le Figaro.

The primary collimator in

The organizers of this show of force, whose form has not been arrested, calling for “a new tide blue, white, pink [...] to speak with determination and enthusiasm [their] visceral attachment to the family. ” The latest demonstrations against gay marriage, on 2 February 2014, and surrogacy (surrogacy), 5 October 2014, received a wave of support in the ranks of the right and the extreme right. Both events had especially been called “true political victories” because the removal of the family bill by the government first, followed by the severe criticism of the GPA by the Prime Minister, Cross . Manuel Valls had at the time condemned “an intolerable practice of marketing of human beings” in the columns of the Catholic daily

This time the motion. – Created in 2012 and became a political party in 2015 – hopes to push the head of government to “finally translate words into deeds” by appealing the conviction of the European Court of human rights, which has sanctioned France for refusing to recognize the parentage of children born to surrogate mothers abroad. As part of the primary right, for all the Manif also expects different candidates to position themselves on the thorny subject. “We’ll see s [they] have given way to real families in their programs” insists Ludovine La Rochère, interviewed by Le Figaro . The paper recalls that a poll released in June showed that 68% of right supporters were in favor of rewriting the Taubira law to reserve the adoption to heterosexual couples.

Hundreds of thousands of protesters

in February 2014, 80 000 people (according to police) and 500 000 people (according to the organizers) had beaten the streets in the capital. Eight months later, the figures ranged from 70 000 to 500 000 protesters. In 2013, hundreds of thousands of people were mobilized in Paris. While waiting to know the number of participants in the next rally, the activists have already agreed to meet on 17 and 18 September in Etiolles (Essonne) for their summer school.


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