Monday, August 1, 2016

Nice attack a man in connection with the killer indicted and imprisoned – Le Figaro

Hamid Z., aged 36, reportedly a close Lahouaiej Bouhlel Mohammed, the alleged terrorist Nice. It appears especially on a selfie where the two men posing in front of the truck a few days before the tragedy. This is the sixth person indicted in this case.

The investigation into the assassination of Nice, who made 84 dead July 14, continues to progress. A 36 year old man in connection with the alleged terrorist Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel, was indicted and jailed on Monday, said the Paris prosecutor. Specifically, Hamid Z. was charged with “criminal association in relation with a criminal terrorist enterprise” and remanded in custody. Far from being a lone wolf, Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel would indeed “cured” his project for several months, and would have benefited from “complicity” according to the prosecutor of Paris, Francois Molins.

● Who Hamid Z.

for now, little biography elements were unveiled this man of 36 years. It is presented as a relative of Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel, and was connected with it “for at least a year,” according to a source close to the investigation

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● Why is indicted and jailed

one of the main evidence against Hamid Z. is a selfie where it appears in the Tunisian company for 31 years. Taken just days before the bombing in Nice by the killer before the truck launched into the crowd in the evening of National Day, this photograph shows the two men knew each other. Investigators are now looking into whether Hamid Z. helped the alleged terrorist or if he was aware of his plans.

arrested on July 25 in Nice, the man was transferred Monday in Paris before being presented to a judge terrorism. This is the sixth indicted in this case.

● Who are the other persons?

Chokri C. Mohamed Walid G . and Ramzi A. turn are prosecuted for “complicity band assassinations organized in relation with a terrorist enterprise”. The survey highlighted their presence alongside the killer in the days before the carnage or, in the case of Ramzi A., revealed that the SMS sent by Lahouaiej Bouhlel had been sent to him just before the shooting.

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A. Ramzi is also indicted for” offenses arms “with a couple of Albanians, Artan and Enkeledja H. Z., suspected of involvement in supplying the gun with which Lahouaiej Bouhlel fired at police before being killed.


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