Monday, August 1, 2016

No candidate, Nicolas Sarkozy has already rented his campaign headquarters, whose lease runs until May 2017 – Europe1

This is a decision for the utter anticipation. A decision in case, but only if Nicolas Sarkozy decides to run for the primary right .

the Opinion reveals this Monday, August 1 that support Association Nicolas Sarkozy has signed a lease for rent local , in the chic 7th arrondissement of Paris. The daily reminds that this association was approved in February as “funder of a possible election campaign.”

The lease was signed for a period up to May 2017

This confirms (if it were needed) that:.

1 / Nicolas Sarkozy is a candidate for the primary the LR boss has until August 25 to declare, when he will leave the presidency of the party. Former President multiplies about (less) ambiguous about his candidacy. It is also already can sponsor the on the site

2 / Nicolas Sarkozy hopes to win this primary. “I will squash all” , he said about his competitors. Recently, you , the former head of state has yet shown immense confidence in him ironically during an exchange with a farmer: “You believe I am a candidate for finance minister? “

the boss is convinced that his third presidential campaign will not stop on Nov. 27, when the second round of the primary, but in May, after the second round of the election.

This dual-hat, party chairman and candidate for the primary, irritates its competitors , that link a lack of “ethics” and an “obligation of decency”.


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