Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Preliminary PremièrePrimaire right: Sarkozy believes in his chances and put on his man image fist – Le Figaro

The former president should install his campaign headquarters in the seventh arrondissement of Paris. But it is still far very discreet about the exact date of his return.

He is ready. At least that is what repeat relatives and employees of the future candidate for the primary. Nicolas Sarkozy “is the more ready he responded very well to the events, and he broke free of its competitors during the month of July dramatic,” wants to believe his friend Brice Hortefeux. “The choice that Manuel Valls made to target the particular is proof that he is the sole representative of the majority on these issues,” notes collaborator. An allusion to the debate on the proposal to create detention centers for suspected terrorists. Incidentally, one of the faithful does not neglect a croc-en-leg mayor of Bordeaux, “Nicolas Sarkozy remained in Paris, and I do not understand how Alain …


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