Friday, August 19, 2016

Seine-et-Marne: death of a 13-month old girl bitten by a dog – Le Parisien

U n baby of 13 months died Wednesday in the hamlet of Mont-Bercy, Bouleurs, near Crécy-la-Chapelle, after being bitten throat by a dog.

the tragedy occurred in the garden of the owners of this malinois shepherd, to whom the parents of the victim had come to visit. The girl died on Wednesday around 16 pm, “very quickly after the bite,” said the prosecutor of the Republic in Meaux Dominique Laurens.

The investigation was entrusted to the gendarmes of the brigade of Crecy-la -Chapel. Mom, “in shock” should especially be heard on Thursday afternoon.

Bouleurs, the sad news was visibly does not yet widespread, Thursday afternoon, au beyond the hamlet has established the drama. The gendarmes especially brought in a helicopter to transport the faster the child to a hospital but it was too late when it landed.

Making the comings and goings in the streets of his town Monique Bourdier, the village mayor, who also lives almost across from the dog’s owners, says it’s the whole neighborhood is “devastated”. “The owners are very ill, they feel responsible,” said the aedile, who spent two hours with them on Thursday afternoon. “The baby was in his stroller when it happened, his mother walked him to sleep on. This is the absolute tragedy, as unpredictable as a car accident, “she continues

p & gt;. The malinois are not part of the said categories of dogs” dangerous “, and this particular dog old three years, “had never been aggressive, more importantly, he knew the family who was visiting her owners,” said the aedile. An additional review of the animal has been requested, but “the owner wanted to euthanize him immediately,” said the prosecutor of Meaux.

“Even when dealing with dogs, even friendly, you should never leave them in the presence of young children, Monique advises Bourdier. This remains of animals and horrible as this story shows, you never know how they might react. “


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