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Strasbourg: the author of the stabbing against a Jew imprisoned – The Point

Indicted and imprisoned, the author of a knife attack, committed by a repeat offender unbalanced against a Jewish sexagenarian Friday in the street in Strasbourg, will be prosecuted for attempted murder, six years after committing the facts identical.

Following the assault, the prosecutor in Strasbourg said on Saturday evening in a statement it had opened a criminal “for the attempted murder of a victim because of his real or supposed to race or religion “.

the assailant, a man, aged 45,” was indicted by the investigating judge and was remanded in criminal filing tonight “(Saturday ed), said the prosecutor.

According to the first elements,” no terrorist motivation has been established “, had said on Friday parquet.

hospitalized but out of danger, the victim, a retired 62-year-old father of three, had expressed “shocked” and “miracle” with a relative who was able to visit him after the attack.

the attack occurred Friday shortly before noon on a street in the Jewish quarter. The victim was wearing a kippa, was out of her to make a run for the Sabbath (day of rest in Judaism), before being attacked with a knife by her attacker had shouted “Allah Akbar!” at the time of the attack.

Wounded, the victim had left itself the knife from his abdomen and found refuge in a nearby brewery before help arrived.

the alleged perpetrator was detained by witnesses without resistance, before the intervention of the police.

the offender already convicted for similar offenses committed in 2010, was the subject to psychiatric treatment.

After these facts, the investigating chamber of Colmar appeal court had pronounced a particular year ban on residence in Strasbourg against that man, and prohibition to hold a weapon for 10 years.

on January 11 in Marseille, a Jewish teacher wearing the yarmulke was wounded with a machete by a teenager claiming the Islamic State group.

Friday’s attack occurred while France is traumatized by a series of jihadist attacks, some specifically targeting Jews, like one conducted against a kosher supermarket in Paris by Amedy Coulibaly, close to the perpetrators of the massacre at Charlie Hebdo, in January 2015, or the killing of three children and a teacher at a Jewish school in Toulouse by Islamist Mohamed Merah in March 2012

-. Mobile anti-Jewish –

According to the prosecution, during his hearing before the judge, the perpetrator “has admitted to knowingly violated a person belonging to the Jewish community”.

He had acted on the same procedure by committing “the same facts,” said the prosecutor, April 30, 2010 “this man was attacked in the center of Strasbourg a person of Jewish faith had then beaten and injured in knives, a forty who wore a yarmulke too.

He was then “the subject of a judicial declaration of criminal irresponsibility due to mental disorder followed by involuntary hospitalization” in December 2011, told the Strasbourg floor.

the Strasbourg prosecution had told at the time that this man said “the object of a conspiracy of the Jews” which he attributes “all misfortunes who happened to him in life. “

” beyond the very serious psychiatric history of the aggressor, the anti-Semitic nature of this act proved, “said the Strasbourg Committee that MRAP “condemns anti-Semitism and racism generally, whatever it is, and where it comes from.”

on Friday, Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve called the Chief Rabbi Strasbourg René Gutman to express his solidarity

08/21/2016 8:22:37. – Strasbourg (AFP) – AFP © 2016


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