Monday, August 1, 2016

The school allowance paid from August 18 – Le Parisien

L ‘school allowance, which helps parents with modest incomes to pay for bags and other supplies will be paid to 2.8 million families from August 18, announced Monday the Ministry of social Affairs.

indexed for inflation, this allowance means-tested remains virtually unchanged for the second consecutive year: 363 euros per child per year for 6-10 years for 383.03 euros and 396.29 euros 11-14 years to 15-18 years

a revaluation. outstanding of 25% was applied in September 2012, recalled in a statement the ministers Marisol Touraine (social Affairs) and Laurence Rossignol (Family). “To simplify the lives of parents,” the government continues the simplification of the device, they added. Parents of children 6 to 15 years have no approach to accomplish: the Caisses d’Allocations Familiales (CAF) automatically pay the school year allowance (ARS) to families already beneficiaries who qualify. Families with no record to CAF can download their application for the ARS website.

For children entering first grade this year but will have six years in 2017, the family gets the certificate of enrollment from the school and sent to CAF. Since September 2014, parents of teens 16 to 18 years do not have to provide proof of education. They simply confirm online on the CAF site their child is still in school, student or apprentice for September, 2016.

To receive the allowance for school, you must have been in 2014 resources not exceeding 24,404 euros for families with dependent children, 30 036 euros for those with two children, 35 668 euros for three. The amount of the cap then increases to 5.632 euros per additional child.


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