Thursday, November 17, 2016

A debate that starts in a hand basket ! – The Point

God that David Pujadas, Jean-Pierre Elkabbach have difficulty mastering this third and final debate of the primary ! The seven candidates had no desire to let it dictate a tempo, a matter which, as said François Fillon, who wanted to obviously obey the rules of the tv show. Show there was, however,: that of the rebellion of the candidates against the interviewers.

Nicolas Sarkozy was the first to break his chains when David Pujadas asked him to explain the serious charges made by Ziad Takkiedine on the funding of allegedly libyan of his campaign in 2007. “What an indignity ! We are on the public service, “growls the former Head of State, calling it “a shame” that we can give any credit to this intermediate sulphur ” that made the prison. “

Sarkozy set the tone and if the exchanges which followed on the international situation were of good quality, the voters of the right and centre have not necessarily learned that much for what little they had also followed the previous two televised debates. This third debate was a rédite on the syrian issue, reprofilant the two lines that oppose each other : those, like Fillon or Copé, who want to marry the strategy of Putin is leaving to support a time al-Assad and those, like Juppe or Sarkozy, who believe that Assad is a non-negligible part of the syrian problem.

A politician is what he is doing

Emmanuel Macron had his small flock of green wood on the part of Sarkozy, who stressed his “betrayal” to François Hollande : “it’s been 5 years that he is in agreement with him, and 5 hours he is in disagreement. That is what he would do with us ? “For Juppé, Macron,” it is the problem of the left “. NKM closes the door curtly : “a politician is not just what it says. A politician is what he does. “

Jean-Frédéric Fish tried to make its voice heard sovereigntist in the middle of this aéropage europeans more or less annoyed. Juppé insisted that it was not necessary to bring Turkey in Europe. Sarkozy supported in a general consensus. The ears of Jacques Chirac sifflèrent when Sarkozy recalled that the former president was in favour…

Bruno The Mayor is grabbed with NKM on the need for a new european treaty that it wishes to submit to the referendum. “We don’t need a president sounder “, hissed the former minister of the Environment. Education also saw this divide to replenish themselves between NKM that do not want the students to be oriented too young and Bruno Le Maire, which proposes to put an end to the “college unique” while defending the ” sort children “.

on several occasions, Nicolas Sarkozy was clever to catch the word when it was not his turn. David Pujadas was struggling to keep order as much as it does not allow the seven candidates respond to the same question… Very soon, everyone decided therefore to answer the question that he wanted to.

39 hours paid 35, this is not just

But the program vira to the rebellion collective when, in the last part, David Pujadas began what was to be a session of questioning to be more direct between the candidates. Fillon was to call to bear the first blow. He refused purely and simply to this rule, preferring to develop his ideas without necessarily falling into the pugilas.

finally It is Alain Juppé, who agreed to go on the ring referring to the abolition, in his eyes is illusory, 500,000 officials in the program Fillon. To Juppe, it is a chimera that will prevent in addition to recruit the nurses we desperately need. François Fillon protested that his reform passed by the lengthening of the working time to 39 hours, otherwise it could not be understood. Juppé was not convinced, and received the support of Nicolas Sarkozy, who began to defend the pay of public servants. “39 hours paid 35, this is not fair “, said the former president and supporter of the ” work more to earn more “.

confusion reigned still a time when each took the floor in the mess. Copé explained that he had to give it to him because he had just been insulted. NKM, it again, cingla : “if he should be insulted for having the word “. She put the laughing on her side. Sarkozy added, laughing : “in that case, I’ll have to have often the word. “

Mr. Elkabbach, I do not allow you !

Finally, the last debate upgraded both, each in its positioning : Jupé in technician wise, Fillon in the master worthy, Copé sabre clear on the regal, NKM vivid and scope on topics of the future, Fish cultivating its difference. Once again, Bruno Le Maire, was often attacked on its proposals. But it was a nice gesture of pride in the face of Jean-Pierre Elkabbach, who, in the beginning of the show, treated him with contempt, considering that his defeat was gained. “Mr. Elkabbach, I do not allow you ! “, thundered down The Mayor. “We repalera Monday,” slipped the journalist who had just stepped out of his role… A mistake that entacha from the outset, this third debate.


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