The candidates for the primary right on the plateau of France 2. – CHRISTOPHE ARCHAMBAULT / POOL / AFP

You missed the third debate, television candidates in the primary ? in 20 Minutes traces the highlights of the night, three days before the first round of the primary to the right…

” The outrage ” of Nicolas Sarkozy

Asked by journalist David Pujadas on the charges of funding the libyan of his 2007 presidential campaign, Nicolas Sarkozy has not appreciated the issue. “What an indignity ! “, he launched. “We are on the public service, aren’t you ashamed ? You are not ashamed to give echo a man who has made it to the prison, which has been condemned countless times for defamation, and who is a liar ? “, he asked.

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Donald Trump, the election that divides the candidates

Interviewed at the beginning of the debate, the seven candidates had a different view on the consequences in France of the election of Donald Trump. Alain Juppé has predicted three “shocks” to come, on trade, defence and sustainable development. Nicolas Sarkozy has meanwhile predicted a “withdrawal” of american dominance, and may therefore mark the return of France and of Europe on the international scene “.

” When you don’t listen to the people, the peoples revenge, ( … ). There is an anger, a restlessness, a need for economic protection, and a need for cultural protection “, launched from his side, Bruno Le Maire. Jean-François Copé has said that fear ” that The Pen can win on the failures we’ve known, Nicolas Sarkozy and François Fillon, and of the failure of Holland. “Only Jean-Frédéric Poisson was “congratulated” the victory of Donald Trump that ” means the end of the politically correct.”

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journalists jostled

Struggling to lead a technical discussion and policed, the journalists were taken to a party. Bruno Le Maire has not appreciated a commentary of Jean-Pierre Elkabbach, which meant that it would be eliminated Sunday. He then criticized ” the France of journalists “, also asking the “respect” of Jean-Pierre Elkabbach.

Invited to draw the attention of its competitors, François Fillon launched at David Pujadas : “We are not commentators, we are not here to engage each other. It is the problem of the design that you have more of these discussions, a design in terms of performance and not in terms of substance “. Except that… as for the previous discussions, the teams of candidates were agreed on the format of the show.

Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet says she will not win

The candidate has distinguished herself from her competitors in the conclusion of the third televised debate, admitting that it would not the primary. “All my competitors here, proclaim, or have proclaimed at one time or another that they would win the primary even though they knew that it was wrong. So, for my part, I know that this will not be the case, ” she explained.

The mp, the LR of the Essonne was then ironisé on what she considers the weak points of his rivals, aiming successively, without name, Nicolas Sarkozy, Alain Juppé, François Fillon and Bruno Le Maire : “in The first round, one chooses. There are several projects that are proposed : there is the revenge, nostalgia, sadness, a renewal which would be limited to changing the men, I propose another way.”

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