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What we need to remember the last debate of the primary right – The World

The seven candidates have discussed topics as diverse as the election of Donald Trump, Syria, or the school. The first round of voting takes place Sunday.

The seven candidates were delivered on Thursday their final debate before the first round.
  • About the election of Donald Trump and its consequences in France

The candidates were asked to give their opinion on the election of Donald Trump to the presidency of the United States. For François Fillon, the victory of the republican is the opportunity ” to say stop and to convince the Europeans to put in place a transatlantic relationship much more balanced “. ” America will shrink in on itself : it leaves us with a fantastic possibility to reaffirm leadership. I think that these five years may mark the return of France and of Europe on the international stage, “, has predicted Nicolas Sarkozy.

” He was elected, but it does not oblige us to be like him “, has launched Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet, for which the “about detestable Donald Trump are not acceptable” now that he is president. the ” Will he do after the election what he had announced before ? This is a question that we should ask ourselves in France “, pointed out by Alain Juppé.

  • On the situation in Syria

” Our soldiers do not have to go risk their lives there. “As Alain Juppé, Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet is opposed to the deployment of French troops on the ground in Syria. the ” This is not up to us but to the countries of the region “, ” says the mayor of Bordeaux.

French prime minister François Fillon request, a ” a coalition with the Russians “, at a time when ” America and Russia reconcile over our heads “, and what to do in the face of the ” global threat ” that puts the organization islamic State. Jean-François Copé sweeps, to him, this question : ” Alliance or not with Russia, it is a false subject. “

the mayor of Meaux, ” the priority, it is not the fate of Bashar Al-Assad, [but] the destruction of the islamic State, and of all islamist movements “. Jean-Frédéric Poisson is not of this opinion. the ” Either Bashar Al-Assad is, or islamists take power. When it came time to shake hands with Stalin to beat Hitler, there had been fewer questions “, has argued the president of the christian democratic Party. the ” if the fall of the regime “, the christians of the East will have the choice between ” the suitcase or the coffin “, said of his side, Mr Fillon.

” Bashar Al-Assad will never represent in my eyes – or, then there is more of the humanist, the future of Syria “, replied Nicolas Sarkozy.

The candidates are expressed on the college single, as Bruno Le Maire and Jean-François Copé want to delete. the ” as Soon as the 6e, it is necessary to allow each child the opportunity to discover his talent by giving him options much more open to change if it wants to, in the 5e, explained the first, while the second described the idea of ” fiction egalitarian “. ” If the college doesn’t work today, it is because it is the same in each district. It is necessary that each head of school or head of his institution “, he developed.

The candidates were in agreement on the idea of teaching the ” fundamental “ to school and back on the reform of school timetables.

  • About the revelations of Ziad Takieddine on the funding of the libyan campaign of Nicolas Sarkozy in 2007

Asked about the testimony of Ziad Takieddine, who has claimed to have given hand-delivered a suitcase of cash, from Libya to the ex-president in 2007, Nicolas Sarkozy has eluded :

” What an indignity. We are on the public service, you are not ashamed to give echo a man who has made it to the prison, which has been condemned countless times for defamation ? This is not the idea I have of the public service. “

This is not the first time that Mr Sarkozy is to France Télévisions.

Alain Juppe is back on the proposal of François Fillon to remove 500 000 government jobs. For him, ” if one removes 500 000 jobs, we do not recruit nurses, not policemen, and that, it is just impossible. “

French prime minister François Fillon responded by stating that he intended to do this by proposing the transition to a working week of 39 hours for all employees. the ” We will not make work 39 hours the teacher “, said Alain Juppé.

Nicolas Sarkozy and Alain Juppé, will participate in the third televised debate between the candidates in the primary of the right and centre, broadcast on France 2, on the 17th of November.

Nicolas Sarkozy, he abounded in the sense of Francois Fillon : ” It is necessary to increase the duration of the working time of public servants. I’m all for working more to earn more. “ But it will stand out to his former prime minister in refusing the increase of two points of VAT that it offers.

  • About the RSA and the benefits

Nicolas Sarkozy has argued for a ” national allocation single social “ on condition that that person “gives of his time to the community” and that she can’t win, in the related ” more than 75 % of the minimum wage “. François Fillon also proposes a social allowance single, but, for him, it ” must not include allowances for the elderly and persons with disabilities, and should be managed not by the State but the departments “.

Alain Juppe calls for ” a personal account, which allows to calculate for every individual all of the benefits she receives “ to ensure ” that they remain below the salary of business “.

Bruno The Mayor proposes, him, ” job-hopping “ to enable ” more fragile “ to be hired for a wage below the minimum wage – jobs that would be cumulative with other forms of social assistance. These jobs rebounds would be framed : ” A maximum of one year and a limited number in a company. “Jean-Frédéric Poisson, for its part, pleaded for “return to tv the system beneficiary” and the establishment of a universal income.


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