Friday, November 18, 2016

Sarkozy, Fillon, Juppé, NKM… The sheet of match of the 3rd debate of the primary Obs

A debate very policed. Three days of the first round, the candidate of the primary right and centre remained cautious. They have preferred to concentrate their attacks on… the journalists who participated in the program.

Fillon : comfortable – 6,5/10

The man who rises from the primary is at ease in this type of exercise, it was confirmed on Thursday evening. François Fillon has demonstrated strength and accuracy to sell his program to the far right. Cultivating his stature as a man of State, ex-Prime minister refused to attack frontally its rivals. “It is not the commentators, not there to engage each other”, he launched. But he also knew how to exercise authority. “I just do me treat imposter in a debate that had, until then, a certain outfit”, he replies to claim the word and meet Jean-François Copé.

“Don’t be afraid to contradict the polls and the media, who had already arranged everything for you”, lance-t-it, too, in the hope of hair Nicolas Sarkozy or Alain Juppé to the pole. According to two surveys (Elabe for BFMTV and Opinionway for The Point), it is François Fillon that the supporters of the right and the centre, or the voters certain to vote in the primary have found the most convincing during the debate.

Polls : and if Alain Juppé was eliminated in the first round of the primary ?

Juppé : sober – 6/10

I Bet that when he is at the wheel, Alain Juppé leads carefully. On the plateau of France 2, he activates the speed limiter, which allows him to present his measures with ease and precision, without the risk of going off the road. He who is always the race in mind – even if the gap in the polls is dangerously reduced, and does not take excessive risks, but keeps his cap.

The ex-Prime minister also grown its profile gatherer… at the risk of sounding pusillanimous. When the opportunity is offered to attack French prime minister François Fillon on the reduction in the number of civil servants, he begins by refusing, the pole which is tensioned by the journalists : “oh, I’m going to talk about something else : the rural”. Before returning, finally, on the topic and explain why it considers that remove of 500,000 officials is not realistic – he proposes to remove 250 to 300,000.

Marriage homo, sailing, taxes… what divides the 7 candidates

Sarkozy : satisfied – 6/10

It retains the benefit of Nicolas Sarkozy that it has, once again, been forced to explain one of the many cases that have tainted his political career.

Sarkozy and business : 40 years of bad dating

Asked about the charges of the businessman franco-lebanese Ziad Takieddine on funding libya for his presidential campaign of 2007, Nicolas Sarkozy does not respond on the merits. As usual, he plays the victim and takes the journalist David Pujadas :

“What an indignity ! (…) You are not ashamed to give echo a man who has made it to the prison, which has been condemned countless times for defamation, and who is a liar ?”

the former head of The State makes a no-fault. He highlights his experience on the international subjects, defended its intervention in Libya, and explains why, in Syria, the presence of French special forces on the ground is essential for the guidance of air strikes. It takes advantage of the subject Donald Trump to propose a dose of protectionism with a “Buy European act”. As every time, there is no shortage to send a signal to the voters of the national Front : it calls for the removal of State medical aid in order to increase small pensions.

NKM : conquering – 8/10

The revival, it is NKM ! Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet has largely won on Thursday evening the match of the “young” generation (43 years old). And too bad for Bruno The Mayor, be reduced to roll with the punches. While the member of parliament for the Eure boasted learning and proposed to come back on the unique college, she rebukes curtly : “the same who come from the larger schools that push their children in the areas of the most elite, and explaining today that it would remove the unique college, that is to say, in fact, sort the children at the age of 11 years”.

Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet is shown solid, especially on military subjects. Would she have for an objective the recovery of the ministry of Defence ? Because it acknowledges candidly that she has no chance of winning the primary. In the very end of the show, it is she who is the last to conclude.

She took the opportunity to send one final, scud, designed without naming Nicolas Sarkozy, Alain Juppé, François Fillon and Bruno Le Maire :

“in The first round, one chooses. There are several projects that are proposed : there is the revenge, nostalgia, sadness, a renewal which would be limited to change the men… Me I propose another way.” Do you see that she wants to talk ?

The Mayor : transparent – 1/10

The revival, this is Bruno, say its supporters. But that ambition was to be the third man in the primary could well finish in the fifth position, as he struggles to assert his difference. Put in difficulties, it is reduced to… assert its long experience of power (he is the director of the cabinet of Dominique de Villepin at Matignon before becoming member of parliament and minister). His fans will they have to remove their t-shirt ?

Bruno The Mayor is angry with the journalist Jean-Pierre Elkabbach : “You already know the outcome of Sunday ? You know what you are going to vote for the French?”. Or even :

“Mr. Elkabbach. I am a candidate in the primary, that needs just the respect of your share.”

Copé : removal – 4/10

Jean-François Copé had distinguished himself during the first debate by his aggressiveness… and his sense of humor. It was this time forgot to be funny.

you think You know them, they have proven to the contrary

He banged Nicolas Sarkozy, as usual, but also his ex-Prime minister : “The approach of François Fillon seems to me to be ambiguous on a point which seems important to me. When I hear all this program of rupture, is what it means that he would have loved to reform in the five years previous, but that Nicolas Sarkozy has prevented ?”. Jean-François Copé, in good ex-chiraquien, has spared the mayor of Bordeaux.

Fish : blunderer – 1/10

Its interventions have made a figure of a pause in the debate, the other candidates, leaving about Jean-Frédéric Fish without interruption. If he has been less liberal than its competitors, the candidate backed by the far-right is confused in speaking of the uniform to the school, which “works very well in Martinique and in Guadeloupe” and that it wishes to promote in France ” – instead of “metropolis”. A little later, he referred to the “people” of corsica, which has earned him the disapproval of the other candidates.


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