Sunday, November 6, 2016

LIVE – Vendée Globe : follow with us the grand start of this round-the-world sailing at 13 h 02 – LCI

SPECIAL EDITION – According to the traditional expression, it is the Everest of the seas, the ultimate race. The 29 skippers were launched Sunday morning from the channel of the Sables-d’olonne for a journey of 40 075 km or 21 638 miles. The ships are now waiting on the starting line to kick off the race, at 13: 02 by prince Albert of Monaco.

This is a legendary event, a competition that goes beyond the sport. Sunday at 13: 02, 29 skippers leave their loved ones and the port of les Sables d’olonne to launch their magnificent boats in seas often raging. For nearly four-and-twenty days, they will be alone on these huge ships to defy the elements. More than two months during which, they never put foot to earth. Two and a half months during which, they will not be able to receive assistance.

This is a bit of a fear of loneliness, fear of the high seas and the unknown and the excitement of a challenge for a non-standard that will be crowding into their heads at the time of leaving the channel of the vendée for a journey of 21 638 miles. A tour of the world that François Gabart was completed in 78 days, 2 hours, 16 minutes and 40 seconds, new record.

All the LCI teams are mobilized on Sunday for you to experience this great start – follow our special edition by clicking on this live.


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