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The Corsican remains in yellow alert violent wind and rain-flood – Franceinfo

vigilance orange to the storms shall remain in effect until Sunday at 10 a.m. in Corse-du-Sud and Haute-Corse. The two departments still in vigilance yellow wind-a violent, rain-flood, and storms.

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The end of the vigilance orange with thunderstorms has been confirmed for 10 hours this Sunday in the Haute-Corse and Corse-du-Sud. The two departments, however, are still placed in vigilance “yellow” by Météo France for the rain, flooding, thunderstorms and strong winds.
” Yellow “is the first level of vigilance before “orange” and ” red ” .

© Météo France

© Météo France

current Situation

The thunderstorm activity mainly in the Sardinia, as well as the extreme south of the island in a way localized (in the region of Figari). Showers sometimes moderate still occur on the terrain of the island as well as on the south of the Corse-du-Sud.

The accumulated rainfall measured during the last 12 hours are on the whole remained modest (20 to 40 mm) and are distributed either side of the central chain as well as in the Balagne ; the radar measurements suggests, however, values much more important locally, ranging between 150 and 200 mm on the sectors Cinto/Rotondo/Renoso.

The wind in sector W to SW blew hard around a bit with wind gusts often reaching 100 to 120 km/h, in particular, in Balagne, on the central mountain, or even the corsica cape (maximum of 160 km/h in the middle of the night).

Evolution provided

thunderstorms may still affect the southern third of the island, with moderate showers or even strong enough, but without organization marked and should be unsustainable ; an aspect of storm located will remain possible after the close of vigilance, particularly in the region bastiaise this afternoon but without issues.

wind gusts and hail are not ruled out as these storms on the south, with a cumulative potential of 10 to 30 mm.

The wind from the West to South-West will remain sustained with gusts of the order of 100 km/h on the terrain. It should be noted that the wind from the west to south-west continues to remain strong in the mountains these next few hours and will be again in the course of the afternoon and evening of Sunday, rocking, truly in the west, Balagne in corsica Cape, in the mountains, as well as locally on the east coast, with gusts locally approaching or even exceeding 100 km/h, up to 140/150 km/h on the Cap corse.

The Corsica has been placed in vigilance orange rain-floods, storms and strong wind from Saturday night to Sunday morning.

the Recommendations of the prefecture in the event of a thunderstorm

at the approach of a thunderstorm, take precautions to protect the sensitive objects in the wind.
Do not shelter under the trees.
Do not touch a power line or an insulated cable.
never touch an object in contact with a power line, regardless of its nature.
Stay away from power lines.
Contact the breakdown service in the event of abnormal situations.
Avoid walks in the forest and outings in the mountains.
Avoid using the telephone and electrical appliances.
Report without waiting for the start of fires that you might be witnesses.
know before you undertake your trips and be very careful. Observe, in particular, the diversions put in place.
Do you agree that in no event, by car or on foot, on a path submerged in an underground garage.
In areas that usually flood, put in the safety of your property likely to be damaged and watch out for the rising waters.
To stay informed of changing weather conditions from Meteo France : dial 05 67 22 95 00


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