The driver and her passenger who crashed into a police with a stolen car, Thursday, in the Seine-et-Marne, have been indicted and jailed. (Illustration) – Amandine Rancoule / 20 Minutes

A minor and a major have been indicted and arrested after being seriously wounded with a stolen car a police of 53-year-old in Saint-Pierre-lès-Nemours (Seine-et-Marne), france, on Thursday. “The minor has been indicted for attempted voluntary homicide on the person agent of the public authority and the major complicity “, told AFP the prosecutor of Melun, Beatrice Angelelli. “The investigation will determine the exact role of each. “

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At least 45 days of ITT for the police

16-year-Old, the driver had been arrested as of Thursday, while another minor, put out of the question since. The other person in prison, 21-year-old had presented himself at the office of Melun Friday night, grateful to be the passenger in the vehicle.

on Thursday, in addition to the police violently struck by the stolen car, two other police officers had also been slightly injured. The employee who suffered numerous fractures, was operated on Thursday evening. “The procedure went well, she had perfectly recovered from the anesthesia” on Friday morning, according to the prefecture of Seine-et-Marne, who explains that she will need a ” long period of rest and rehabilitation “. Given his injuries, 45 days of total interruption of work (ITT) have been prescribed on a provisional basis.

A case that occurs in full-motion police officer

the day of The incident, the minister of the Interior Bernard Cazeneuve had said in a statement that the ” total commitment of the government to engage and to punish all perpetrators of violence against representatives of the forces of the order “, expressing ” its full support to the police “.

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This case occurs so that a movement degrogne police, which has made spot oil with protests in several towns of France since October 17, before experiencing a sharp reflux still with gatherings punctual in a few cities, was born after a violent attack with Molotov cocktails, four police officers in Viry-Châtillon (Essonne). Two of them were seriously burned.

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