The first flakes of snow fell in the Alps and the Hautes-Alpes Credit:Stephane Cande/SIPA – SIPA

For a few days, the down jackets are output. temperatures have very significantly declined over the entire territory. The winter has taken up residence this weekend, with temperatures well below normal, and the arrival, on Monday, the first flakes at a low altitude. But this taste of winter will it last ?

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The cold air from the north is expected to continue in the beginning of the week. “Tuesday and Wednesday, temperatures should still be slightly lower, and the frosty mornings are expected to be frequently observed in the interior of the country,” notes Météo France. “The temperatures fall 4 to 8 degrees to the normal of a at the beginning of November – will be, rather worthy of a month of January “.

But don’t panic, a slight rise in temperatures is expected to occur from the end of next week. “They should go back to the weekend of the 11th November. Saturday 12 November, there could be between 11 and 13 degrees in the north of the country and between 14 and 16 degrees on the south. Therefore, temperatures close to normal for season. A fortiori, we cannot infer anything from this episode cold on the rest of the winter, ” says Etienne Kapikian, a forecaster at Meteo France.

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And the snow ? These first flakes ” are not a guarantee of a significant snow for the next few months. Last year, we had the first snow since mid-October on the trays. And the 8 of November 2015, it was 29°, on the basque coast and 22° in Paris… “

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