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Aisne: arson in a muslim prayer room – The Point

The departures of original fire malicious took place in a muslim prayer room of Château-Thierry (south of the Aisne), in the night from Friday to Saturday, a-t-on learned from several sources Sunday.

Five outbreaks of fire have erupted in the room reserved for women to 01: 00, but firefighters intervened prior to major damage being caused, said a police source to a correspondent of the AFP.

korans, found burnt, had been used to turn on these lights. The flames damaged furniture and carpets, and the smoke has blackened the walls and into the prayer room of the men.

“This is not a fire considerably but it is not insignificant. The frame has not been reached, but there has been smoke important, the room is well damaged, and degraded, like the toilet paper to clog the sink, have been committed in the halls of water” adjacent, indicated to the AFP the prosecutor of Soissons, Jean-Baptiste Bladier.

The Interior minister Bruno Le Roux has condemned Sunday by issuing a press release “these intolerable acts and criminals”: “The degradation of a prayer room would be offensive to not only our fellow citizens of the muslim faith, it infringes the pact, republican and living together to which we are committed”, he denounced.

According to the prosecutor, “the origin of voluntary fire is no doubt because these are five departures of fire on the ground, not in places where there are sources of natural heat”.

“there’s a desire to degrade or destroy the place, even if there was no dispersion of products for this,” added the magistrate.

“The pavilion was in a residential area of the city away from the main thoroughfares, and he had to know that a prayer room was there as no sign outside does not deduct”, a-t-he stressed.

The prosecutor had assigned the investigation to the office of Château-Thierry, while requiring expertise and DNA techniques to forensic science.

“It really is a criminal act serious. The facts are disturbing. This is the first time that an act like this occurs in Château-Thierry,” responded Jacques Krabal, member of parliament and mayor PRG of the town of 15,000 inhabitants.

The two prayer halls were run by the”cultural Association of Moroccans” and were of a sufficient size to accommodate its 200 members, according to the municipal official.

18/12/2016 15:23:52 – Saint-Quentin, france (AFP) – © 2016 AFP


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