Thursday, December 1, 2016

Aix-en-Provence – a Teenager killed in Marseille: Eddy Shooter sentenced to 25 years in prison – The Express

Before the assize court of the Bouches-du-Rhône, the general counsel had requested the day before thirty years of imprisonment with a sentence of safety two-thirds against Eddy Shooting, 25-year-old, and twenty years against his co-accused Seyni Demba, 23 years old.

Kamel El Mehli was killed at the foot of his building of the cité de la Castellane by the two young men who had escorted back to his parents ‘ home after a tour of the bars, Seyni Demba, his childhood friend, and Eddy Shot that had been frequenting for a few months the Castellane.

The two men had had a disagreement with Kamel prior to the murder. Three months earlier, in a bar, Eddy’s Shot had been wounded in the thigh by a knife by the teenager. Seyni Demba had fought with the latter two days earlier, and had been the arch of the eyebrows notched with a knife.

An episode almost ordinary, to believe the teens in this group used to fight between two parts of play-station. “In the city it is insult as it says hello, one says +bastard, son of a bitch+,” says Seyni Demba, whose big brother explains to the bar that he could not the monitor, because he himself was “stuck at home because of an electronic bracelet“.

- Eddy ‘boasts a lot’ –

a Few hours after the agony of Kamel, the rumor swells to the Castellane, and means unanimously Eddy Shooting as the shooter. Testimonials afflict the designated “big ass” and 107 pounds, including that of a young man who had spent the night with Shooting, Demba, and El Mehli.

Especially, a glove, found 100 metres from the weapon of the crime, traces of gunshot residue (gsr) and the DNA of Eddy Shooting.

The personality of Eddy Shooting, dual, has been at the heart of the trial. A side Eddy “big ass“, which boasts a lot, would be “head” of the city Are Green. The grandson of Said Shooting, the figure of the great crime of marseille killed in 2010, shows 33 convictions since being 12 years old.

But in the box of the accused, Eddy Shooter is presented with twenty pounds less, in a small sweater accented with a v-neck shirt. In tears, he said he was “the victim of a conspiracy“.

Not recognized by his father, abandoned by a depressed mother, Eddy gate, “as a burden this inheritance patronymic,” says his lawyer. A few months before the murder, he had become friends with Seyni Demba, two years her junior.

Seyni, also abused and neglected by his family, found refuge in the El Mehli and considered to Kamel as “his blood“. “This is a tragedy of two brothers,” explained the lawyer of the civil parties Me Laurent Godon, explaining that Demba had made a “transfer of friendship” Kamel to Eddy Shooting.

- ‘I saw him come back Eddy with the kalashnikov’ –

Seyni, the childhood friend, who was called the mother of Kamel “Tata“, was eating at the table of El Mehli, has continued to shout his innocence. He claims to have believed in this evening of reconciliation, until the time when Eddy Shot him ordered to halt catch up with Kamel. “I heard shots, screams, and then I saw him come back Eddy with the Kalashnikov“, he says.

The prosecution, however, noted the many phone calls between Demba and Shot before and after the murder, the “hate” that is displayed by Demba against his former childhood friend, and the attitude of the latter, which prefers to run away in any legs that aid her so-called brother.

Eddy Shooter is responsible for him never having seen off Kamel’s home. Seyni “stuck since he was a plant by Kamel“, he explains. “He told me: give me a weapon, give me a weapon“, he adds, licensor to have offered Demba a kalashnikov “found in a cave“, “but for him to snatch the legs“.

The father of Kamel has pushed a cry of relief at the announcement of the verdict, running: “I got the guy !” while the mother of the young victim collapsed: “for 15 years Seyni it is not enough, it was his brother!“.


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