Monday, December 12, 2016

Attack in Nice: what we know about the crackdown led to Nice and Nantes – The Express

Broad stroke of the net in the investigation into the bombing of Nice. Eleven people have been arrested, ten of them in Nice on Monday morning and one to Nantes Friday, indicates this Monday, a source close to the investigation L’express, confirming information of LCI. They are believed to have helped you, near or far, the terrorist Mohamed Lahouaiej-Bouhlel to procure weapons, a pistol and an assault rifle.

On Twitter, Christian Estrosi, deputy mayor LR of Nice and president of the Paca region, has very quickly responded, praising the “work of the investigators after the arrests that demonstrate a few (more) that the author would not have acted alone” and “would have “premeditated” attack.

Who are these individuals? That their reproach? Where is the investigation? The Express makes the point.

Where and when have they been arrested ?

on Monday morning, between 6h and 13h, ten people have been arrested by the central directorate of the judicial police “in several neighbourhoods of Nice”, “on rogatory commission of the examining magistrate of paris in charge of the counter terrorism investigation,” says a source close to the folder.

The eleventh inquiry had been conducted Friday at Nantes.

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Who are they ?

On these eleven members include several individuals, from the Albanian community, who were in a relationship with the two Albanians arrested in July. Artan Henaj and Enkeledja Zace had been indicted and placed in detention, suspected of having provided the killer Nice the automatic pistol with which he had shot at police officers before being shot dead. “We try to shoot all the sons of the investigation,” says a source close to the folder.

For his part, the man arrested in Nantes “lived in Nice before,” says this source.

their reproach?

at this stage, nothing allows to think that these eleven individuals had knowledge of the proposed attack. On the other hand, “they are part of the mid-tort common law, including supply chains for weapons. We try to trace the networks and there, it is a cut above,” says a source close to the folder.

How much time will last their custody?

The custody can last for four days, as provided for in the anti-terrorism legislation. Some could be presented to the investigative judge of paris for criminal conspiracy, violation of the legislation on the carrying of firearms and possibly narcotics.

Who are the others arrested in this case ?

In total, six persons have so far been indicted and écrouées in the survey. At this stage, their hearings reveal many contradictions, but no element of the investigation demonstrates with certainty that these people -five men and a woman unknown to services counter-terrorism – were aware of his project.

one of those accused, Ramzi A. a Franco-Tunisian 21 years old, a seller of cocaine and known for petty theft, has admitted to having served as an intermediary for providing the gun used the night of the attack by Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel in Artan Henaj and Enkeledja Zace for 1400 euros.

others are suspected to have an influence on the author of the attack, or have it accompanied at locations on the Promenade des Anglais at the wheel of the truck that he will use the 14-July, mowing 86 people from 19 countries and more than 400 injured.

Eight other people from the entourage of the killer had been arrested in September, before being released without any charge being brought against them in the context of this investigation.

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