Sunday, December 18, 2016

Boulogne : anger in the home of workers after deadly fire – The Parisian

Uis not the strong odor of burnt still reigns at the entrance to the home of migrant workers Coallia, in Boulogne-Billancourt. A little more than two days after the arson that claimed the life of a resident of forty years, and of malian origin, a large gathering was organized in the institution. Hundreds of people – residents, but also residents, elected officials and associations for the defence of tenants have responded to the call, in a tense atmosphere, while the investigation continues trying to identify the incendiary.

” We are gathered here, and we can see it clearly : Coallia is not there, or the town hall… We feel abandoned “, was immediately launched, with a microphone in hand, Bakary Cissoko, the chairman of the residents committee. And to contradict the statements of the ministry of the Interior, who spoke Friday, a “nasty ambiance, with scuffles between residents and traffic” in the home. “We disclaim emphatically, continuing, Bakary Cissoko. We speak of a settling of accounts between residents, but that is completely false ! “

” Here, as elsewhere, we let the homes deteriorate to destroy them and rehabilitate them… “

Their lawyer, mr. Pascal Winter, urged the victims “to report” to him : “It is necessary that the people who have been injured to pass exams in front of a unité médico-legal, it is very important for the result of the procedure. “On behalf of the victims, the lawyer has also pleaded that” the investigation be entrusted to an investigating judge “, in order, notably, to be able to access the folder.

Among the associations present on-site, the Right to housing (DAL), Rights in Front of, or the Collective future of all households (Copaf) : “Here, as elsewhere, we let the homes deteriorate to destroy them and rehabilitate them… “, accusing its president, Genevieve Petauton. Sub-course, to do from a large part of the tenants. In the foyer of the National street, over 700 people would live in housing that could not accommodate 328.

” Our grand-parents lived there 40 years ago, and then our parents… We are here, we want to stay, ” says Cheickna, 36, who is part of the residents slightly burned during the fire. Many, in the home, involving Coallia for not having proposed relocations after the disaster. “People breathe a strong smell of burning. In a year or two, there may have diseases. We request everyone to go on the radio, ” warned Bakary Cissoko.

” Not informed ” of this meeting, the mayor (LR) of Boulogne, Pierre-Christophe baguet deputy, has also questioned the association Coallia, that we are not able to join this Sunday. “As long as I’m mayor, we have completely redone the home of the Aftam, it has accompanied the renovation of the foyer Adoma, and everything is going very well, provides elected. But on this establishment, it’s been years of meetings and when asked for a renovation, and that Coallia refuses. “


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