Tuesday, December 20, 2016

DIRECT – Vigilance orange : Corsica, traversed by a strong winter storm – Franceinfo

The rains are widespread on Corsica the nut last. They are more intense on the eastern half of the island.

in the past 24 hours it has fallen on the East of the Corse of 30 to 40 mm on the High-Corsican, but 113 mm to Solenzara, on the south of the department, and 50 to 100 mm on the Corse-du-Sud ( and up to 190 mm surveys, and Conca).

The wind continues to blow with gusts of the order of 80/100 km/h on the terrain and in Balagne, and up to 110 km/h in the Cap Corse.


On the RT40, the vehicles heavy-duty vehicles are blocked in Corsica of the South in Cauro and Pianottoli by the police. The RT40, in the sector deSartene (Madunina Tavaria) is impractical. 5 people have also been put into security in Propriano as a result of the floods.

On the east coast, Sari-Solenzara and Porto-Vecchio and many areas were flooded. There were no injuries or evacuations, has stated in the departmental Service of fire and rescue department.

In ports and airports

The maritime traffic is disrupted by the weather conditions. The capitainerie of the port of trade of Basia did was state a swell of around 3m and enrgistre a wind set at 30 knots (55 km).

Two ferries from Toulou and Marseille expected at 7am, should be back in the port, in turn, in the course of the morning.

the airport of Bastia-Poretta, the first flights of the morning are normally gone. The Volotea from Bordeaux was baffled.

Evolution provided

In the early morning of Tuesday, the character of storm is intensifying. The accumulated rainfall can reach 70 to 100 mm.

Tuesday afternoon, the precipitation lose their character of storm, but remain moderate until early evening, then wilt in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday.

The totals expected between Monday and Tuesday evening are of the order of : 100 to 250 mm over a large part of the eastern facade of the island, but may locally reach 250 to 350 mm (even more in isolation) on the massive oriental (Fiumorbo, Alta-Rocca,…).

The limit rain-snow is around 1500 to 1800 m in the late afternoon of Monday, then goes back to 1800/2000 m in the night.

The western facade will be much less affected by the heavy rains, however, in connection with the strong accumulation that may extend beyond the relief on the Western façade, of the phenomena of runoff are not to be excluded.

In addition, sustained rain may temporarily affect the South of the island and the Nebbio.

This time disturbed is accompanied by a wind strong to violent, often between 80 and 100 km/h in gusts. On areas of terrain, the surrounding plains and the ends of the island, the gusts are strongest are between 100 and 130 km/h.

This wind will generate high surf on the eastern facade, which can annoy the evacuation of the river water.


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