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Imbroglio around the arrests during an operation against ETA – The World

The honorary president of the League of human rights, announced a time as one of the arrested, explained to the “World” that he would have had to be on the premises to participate in a voluntary approach of the group to disarm.

agents of the RAID and of the judicial police during the operation against ETA in Louhossoa, in the night of 16 December.

The confusion on the night of Friday 16 to Saturday 17 December, after the operation conducted by the police forces of france and spain against the clandestine organization and basque separatist Euskadi ta Askatasuna (ETA) in Louhossoa, in the Pyrenees-Atlantiques.

sources close to the matter, cited by the news agencies, reported the presence of the honorary president of the League of human rights (LDH), Michel Tubiana, among the five people arrested. But, contacted by telephone by The World in the night, the lawyer explained that he was not present on the premises during the procedure. the ” I would have had to be there “, he, however said. M. Tubiana was to participate in what he described as ” a voluntary approach to ETA to disarm “. The weapons were to be ” offset “, before ” later delivered to the French authorities “.

It is unknown at this stage, the precise identity of those arrested, while some sources claim that he is the leader of the environmental movement, Bizi !, Jean-Noël Etcheverry said ” Txetx “, the former president of the chamber of agriculture of the basque Country, Michel Berhocoirigoin, a cooperator vineyard in the appellation of the basque Irouléguy, Michel Bergougnan, and the journalist Beatrice Haran-Soft. M. Tubiana, for its part, has simply explained that among the arrested individuals were ” two members of the civil society “ also engaged in the peace process.

To the minister of the interior, Bruno Le Roux, who has published a press release in the night, the arrest of five people is ” a new devastating blow to ETA “. Michel Tubiana, in contrast, considers that ” if the authorities were informed, they could not ignore that the approach was that of a neutralization [weapons] “.

Seizure of weapons and ammunition

The police operation, on a commission of the anti-terrorist prosecutor in Paris, has been carried out by detectives from the French police, in particular of the Directorate-general of internal security (ISB), the brigade of research and intervention (BRI) of Bayonne (Pyrénées-Atlantiques) and police officers from the elite unit RAID, assisted by police officers of the guardia civil Spanish.

The arrests were carried out in an isolated house in the town of Louhossoa, on the road from Bayonne to Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port, in the Pyrenees-Atlantiques. During a search, the ” a large seizure of weapons, explosives and ammunition “ has been carried out, details of the French ministry of the interior. Paris and Madrid welcomed the arrest ” individuals in relationship with the terrorist organisation ETA “.

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Michel Tubiana sees in the arrests of this Friday, ” the will of the governments French and Spanish to transform a voluntary approach in a decision “. the ” It is a communication operation “, he laments. He adds that several attempts have been made to ask the French authorities to determine the physical conditions under which the entire arsenal of the group could be ” offset and delivery “. Attempts remained without result, according to him.

” disarmament Process “

Shortly after the announcement of the transaction, the nationalist basques had also given this version of events. The site Mediabask, close to the daily Spanish basque Race,, which expresses sometimes the positions of ETA, published a letter that he had addressed to Michel Tubiana, Txetx and Michel Berhocoirigoin.

In this email, they provide you have decided ” start the process of disarmament of the organization and proceed to the destruction of an initial stock of weapons “, that is, they say, “approximately 15 % of the arsenal” of the group. All three are justifying their action by their willingness to ” to contribute to a future without violence and democracy the basque Country “. They state not to have ” no link or subordination ” with ETA. In June 2015, the LDH had co-sponsored a humanitarian conference for peace in the basque Country, in the national Assembly.

Several nationalist movements consider that ” the fonts French and Spanish have prevented the destruction of the weapons “ and call for a response in a demonstration planned for Saturday to Saturday 16 hours to Bayonne.

Campaign of bombings

on The 12th of October, a large cache of weapons to ETA had been discovered in the forest of Compiègne, in the Oise. On 5 November, one of the last leaders of ETA, still in hiding, Mikel Irastorza, was arrested in Ascain, near Saint-Jean-de-Luz, and then indicted and jailed in Paris. On the 14th of December, another militant basque Spanish has been arrested in Marseille. Again, it was joint operations, fonts, French and Spanish.

in The name of his struggle for the independence of the basque Country and Navarre, ETA – which means basque Country and freedom, carried out a campaign of bombings that caused the deaths of 829 people, according to Paris and Madrid. The 1980s were the most bloody.

In October 2011, the organization has renounced definitely to the violence. Regardless of its disarmament, which is a process ” unilateral and voluntary “, says Michel Tubiana, ETA would negotiate with the States Spanish and French in the fate of its roughly 400 members held in these two countries. The authorities have refused and are demanding the dissolution of the organization.

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