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Lienemann : “I have decided not to be a candidate in the primary from the left” – The World

Paris senator wants to avoid “a scattering of voices” and “regrets” that Montebourg and Hamon had not heard his calls for unity.

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Marie-Noëlle Lienemann, the Senate, on march 22.

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Are you a candidate in the primary ?

I decided not to be a candidate in the primary of the left in January. Last week, I launched a call to Arnaud Montebourg and Benoît Hamon to propose a single candidate capable of bringing together widely to the left and to propose to the country a new path and a policy turning back the excesses of the liberal that have marked the five year period. It is clear that, to date, they have not responded to my call. I have regrets because I remain convinced that, beyond our differences, it is still possible to propose a common set of ideas that respond to the expectations of the French, and the requirements of social justice.

applications multiply at the primary. Do you fear a fragmentation of the votes ?

To the left and to the PS, and the unity and gathering are still the talisman of victory. Every time we deviate, failure and difficult times are on the horizon. If you want to be able to collect widely to the left after the primary, it is necessary to show before we are able to do it between us. I fear that the focus on what unites us, be silenced by the differences that everyone has a tendency to point in a first round of voting. For my part, I do not want my application contributes to the fragmentation of the vote.

are you Going to support a candidate in the primary ?

at this stage not. I want to keep my freedom of speech to be able to pass messages. My candidature was legitimate because, since the beginning of the quinquennium, I refused the logic of the covenants of competitiveness and accountability, the law Macron and the law work, of the TSCG (the ‘ fiscal compact european), and of course of the deprivation of nationality… But I have always made counter-proposals that would be realistic, practical, adapted to the new challenges of our time.

I would like to thank the twenty members of the national council of the PS, parliamentarians, mayors and local elected representatives who have given me their sponsorship which allowed me to file my application.

I say to Arnaud Montebourg and Benoît Hamon that the union is always the best ways. Not to be a candidate does neither silent nor inactive, and I remain a tireless fighter for the gathering. In the second round of the primary, I will support the one who will embody the-line anti-liberal, and that will be the victory. And as head of the socialist Party, I would argue, of course, the winner of the primary in January.

Do you fear that the primary looks increasingly like a pre-congress of the PS ?

I’ve never stolen at a congress of my party, but in January, the French want a primary, not a convention of the PS. We all have a historic responsibility. The world is going through a period of great uncertainty. We can see that an alternative is sought to the liberal globalization. Let’s not let the theses of the extreme right, and the retreat into identity politics serve as a refuge illusory to the people in need of hope.

For France, in this crisis of the system, the original response must come from the left who defends the social Republic, the revival of our economy by the rise in income and investment, equality of territories, the defence of public services strong, the ecological transition and the digital revolution. The left can and should be at the rendezvous of history. This is the reason why we all need to be able to exceed ourselves.

Have you been pressured to withdraw your application, especially concerning the nominations in the forthcoming senatorial elections ?

I’ve had multiple pressures, it is exact. The issue of the senate has been referred to by some, others have told me that I needed to get me out because there are too many candidates, but these pressures have not played any role in my decision. I have made my choice freely and I do not surrender anything to fight for my ideas, for a certain idea of France, of the Republic, of the French socialism and the future.

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