Thursday, December 15, 2016

Live : Valls will “remove purely and simply the 49.3″ if he is elected – The World

Valls promises to remove the procedure of 49.3

Manuel Valls, a candidate in the primary to the left for the presidential election of 2017, promised on Thursday to the antenna of France Inter, quickly remove the procedure for the adoption of the draft legislation without a vote, under article 49.3 of the Constitution, except for the draft finance act.

He did not exclude the use of a referendum to approve the reform, which requires a revision of the Constitution. As the head of government, it has used the procedure to enact two laws, the one on the growth and activity called “loi Macron” and the reform of the labour market, due to lack of majority vote. There has been much criticised on this point in his own camp.

In the form of a mea culpa, he said on France inter radio :

I know perfectly well the perverse effects of 49.3, I am very lucid, and then I learned, and then we take a step back.

And add :

In the company of the participation in which we live, its use has become outdated and it appears as brutal.

So, I will suggest, out of text budget, because the nation needs a budget, simply delete the 49.3.

Manuel Valls has promised, if he is elected in the spring of 2017, to initiate this reform as soon as parliament returns in the autumn, passing by the Parliament convened in congress, or “in direct consultation with the people.” “This is without doubt the right solution”, has been added with regard to this last point, the ex-prime minister, who is said to want a “revival of democracy”.


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