Manuel Valls, a candidate in the socialist primaries, in its local campaign on December 14, 2016, in Paris. – AFP

It is particularly well-placed to talk about it. Manuel Valls suggested Thursday to “simply delete” 49-3, ” out of text budget “. The former Prime minister and candidate in the socialist primaries, however, has copiously used this section of the Constitution, which allows it to adopt a text of the law as it is, except if a motion of censure is voted.

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” Outdated ” and ” brutal “

” I know perfectly well the perverse effects of 49-3, said Manuel Valls on France Inter. In the company of the participation in which we live, its use has become outdated and appears as brutal. I will suggest, out of text budget (…) to remove purely and simply the 49-3. “

Manuel Valls has also opened the door to a referendum to endorse the constitutional reform necessary for such a measure.

article 49, paragraph 3, of the Constitution allows the Prime minister to engage its responsibility before the national Assembly on a bill. The bill is considered adopted unless a motion of censure, tabled within 24 hours, is passed by the Assembly. The motion of censure is debated at the earliest 48 hours after its filing, and if it is approved by the absolute majority of the deputies, the government must resign.

Laws Macron and El Khomri

article 49-3 can only be used on a budget bill and one other type of text during the current session of parliament. But once the Council of ministers authorized the Prime minister to use it, it can strip each of the successive readings of the bill before the Assembly.

at the head of the government, Manuel Valls was used for the adoption of the draft law Macron on growth in 2015, and the bill El Khomri on the reform of the labour Code in 2016.

” to Restrict the use of the 49-3 seems to me to be a good solution to an important debate “, commented the spokesperson of the government, Stéphane Le Foll, a close Hollande, on BFMTV and RMC. But “Manuel Valls, who wants to remove it, it surprises me,” he blurted. It should not be the only one.

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